Month: כ״ב בכסלו ה׳תשע״ט (November 30, 2018)

There Is A Scripture 11-30-18


Probably one of the hardest ideas to come to terms with is that we are not our own.

Yahweh has given us the gift of free choice but that doesn’t mean we are free from authority. It’s just a question of who or what authority we choose. Ultimately our choice is what or who to become slaves to.

Slavery in my mind, was not the destiny of a man. It carried with it the image of abuse, complete subjection to the will and whim of another, no authority of our own, no freedom to disagree, to make my own decisions, go my own way, to glorify myself. Slavery was painted as an unhappy, hopeless existence for the slave.

The Scriptures tell us we are not our own. “…The fact is, you don’t belong to yourselves; for you were bought at a price….” 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 CJB.

Our freedom is to choose who or what will be our master. “Don’t you know that if you present yourselves to someone as obedient slaves, then, of the one whom you are obeying, you are slaves… Romans 6:16 CJB.

I never thought of myself as a slave. I was brought up to think my life was mine to live and I was free to and could do whatever I wanted, be whoever I wanted within limits. And within limits no one else could infringe on that, that is, impose their will on me. That was a lie, wasn’t it. And I believed it.

In actuality I was a slave in some fashion to the laws of the land, to my boss, his time table and his wants, to the well being of my family, to the acquiring and upkeep of physical things, to the secrets, good or bad of my own heart and mind.

The point is…we are all slaves to someone and something.

If we chose to be Yahweh’s slaves we are bought and paid for. We belong to Him.

The agreement then, is that once we belong to Him we are on the clock, twenty-four/seven, three hundred and sixty-five days of the year, forever, to His glory. From that point on, His will is ours and the freedom we have is to choose… to obey or not to obey. This is the reference point by which everything else is done.

He has prepared work for us to do. We don’t have to make that decision. He does. He will provide the talents and skills and resources to get the job done. It will all be done according to His timing and as long or short a time we are to be involved, and it takes, that’s what it takes. When the work for each of us, He has prepared, is finished, we are finished. He’ll let us know. We are judged good and faithful servants not by the humbleness or greatness of the work but by our being found doing it, willingly, lovingly, obedient.

When the world is done with us, the world finds someone else and we cease to exist. But with Jehovah God, when we are done with the world we continue with Him, His children, safe and alive in fellowship with Him.

Father, work in us to be rid of our self-centeredness.

May it be our joy to accept Your Will and Ways as ours.

And may we be a reflection of You in the doing.

May it be our ambition and our contentment to be and be known as Your slaves.

May it be our glory to be Your children.

May You be pleased and glorified.

In Yeshua’s name we pray,


May God’s love be in us all.


Minchah Prayer 11-28-18


Father, in the strength of our own knowledge and wisdom we try to live our lives and then when things fail or fall apart we are crying and pleading to You for rescue.

Somewhere back there, Father, when we could have followed Your instructions we did not and things did not turn out well. As if it were a mystery we ask You Father, “How did things get this way and what can be done to fix them? Why? Rescue us Father!”

Time and energy is consumed as we turn to You and You work in us correction, time and energy that could have, should have, been used to build new, not make repairs, time and energy for “glory to glory” instead of….

Abba… forgive us for not even considering what You would have us do and how You would have us do it, from the beginning. Your wisdom and the rightness of Your Ways are not hidden or hard to understand.

Your Spirit would teach and lead rightly. We just need to be humble and willing to obey.

Even now, from this moment on Father, may we prepare for decision making and action by first knowing and listening to Your Word, by communing with You heart to heart in prayer, by offering up sacrifice of thanksgiving and praise, and then dedicating all to You.

Then, Father, then, may we begin to think and speak and act, and proceed in the doing, in the same Spirit as in the preparing, through to the end.

Grant us, and thank You for, Your peace in our lives Father. You are so good.

May You be glorified Jehovah God…Abba Father…by our bended knees and love for You, our love for one another.

In Yeshua’s name we pray,


Minchah Prayer 11-21-18


Father, there is not a day that goes “bye” even a moment, that is not a day or moment for offering up prayers of thanksgiving to You.

“Always be joyful”, You say. “Pray regularly”, You say. “In everything give thanks, for this is what God wants…” You tell us.

“…Offer thanksgiving as your sacrifice to God…”

“…Whoever offers thanksgiving as his sacrifice honors Me…”

May our thanksgiving be more than a spoken expression of heartfelt gratitude for blessing.

May it be, and form our nature to be so… we pray Father… that we would have within us a nature and a spirit of thanksgiving pleasing to You, with which we receive and face each day and with which we deal with every circumstance, be they happy or sad, easy or hard.

Thank You Father, that we can lay before You, and You will relieve us of, the weight of the concerns and fears we have for our loved ones, for others in their own circumstances, for our community and the world we live in, for these things weigh on us Father. We do so trusting and knowing, accepting and thankful, that You will work it all to good. It lightens our load and now we have strength and confidence to face the day and do so correctly and pleasing before You.

Thank you for the blessings, the provisions, the loving kindnesses, the beauties of Your creation, the plans You have for us, for the gift one another, for the blessed hope, for Your unfailing, indestructible love for us, for all the joyful and good that is of You.

May this spirit of thanksgiving in us serve as a reminder and a conviction whenever circumstances distract and blind, whenever we drift away from You, whenever we fade into apathy. May it rekindle our love for You and draw us back to You.

Thank You Father and we give thanks and we strive to be of a thankful nature, in it, “always be joyful.”

May our continual gift and sacrifice of thanksgiving to You be honor and glory to You.

To the Most High, the Mighty and Pure, Holy and Good, we love You and give You thanksgiving, in Yeshua’s most lovely and treasured name,


1 Thessalonians 5:18 CJB

Psalm 50:14,23 CJB

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