Month: ט״ו בטבת ה׳תשפ״א (December 2020)

Minchah Prayer 12-30-20


Father, guidance for today, to grow in understanding of Your Word, what it is that… You are saying…truly Father…what You mean and not what we want Your words to mean.

Then may there be in us a spirit and will to receive and accept it…and be obedient to it.

And Father, help us to reject and purge from heart and mind…envy and jealousy, that would lead to fault finding, an attitude of judgementalism, discontent and being petty… at best… seeding enmity at worst… and in either case denying ourselves of some good that You use others to do for us…do in us…

 When knowledge of Your meanings comes slow, when the fruit of that knowledge in our lives doesn’t seem so plentiful or sweet… when it seems that others know so much more, seem to have it so much more together… may that not lead to discouragement and doubt… to giving up… taking…an easier path?…

May we not become fearful and hide it with pridefulness, but instead, be motivated to listen, to weigh, to press on… continue… to exercise faith and trust, focus on what can be learned…

and be peaceful and good towards others, generous in thanks and praise and acknowledgment for the schooling we receive from others… used by You.

May we be glad for them.

May You be glorified Father we pray.

In Yeshua’s name,


“Don’t withhold good from someone entitled to it when you have in hand the power to do it.”  Proverbs 3:27 CJB.

Minchah Prayer 12-23-20


Thank You Father for the mornings when waking comes slowly and gently and before our relaxed minds begin gearing themselves up and our hearts are still naked, warm and flesh… thoughts coming… from a Source other than ourselves… and we are like David at the stream on the valley floor, running freely, unencumbered by the weight of armor… swiftly… across the open space, drawn and guided by Your Spirit… You taking him to a place and purpose You have for him… stones in one hand and sling swinging in the other… free… unrestrained… and at the quiet waters and grassy meadows of Your provision, restored, protected and safe… we sense Your affection for us and affection for You… words of affection to You.. take form in our minds and swell in our hearts.

We love You…Abba… Dear Father.

Praise… to You…our One and Only.

In Yeshua’s name,


Minchah Prayer 12-16-20


Morning time Father… or “morning like” time…what a blessing.
The stillness of our sleep time remains still, thoughts haven’t awakened and filled our heads. The thoughts are there ready to flow in and fill our heads but remain at bay as first we turn our attention to You and bid You “Good morning”.
Our minds, that have been in  Your watch and keep during our sleep, are still in Your care, still experiencing a time of freedom from the pressures, cares, and worries of our waking hours, still for a brief few more minutes, at rest, peaceful, and receptive to thoughts You bring to mind.
Thank You Father for these moments.

Regardless of what each of us in our own individual spheres will face today, we place our trust in You, that You will guide us to rightness in our thoughts and decisions and actions…through a day when we will hear things and see things that will require a response, a commitment that will be correct and meet with Your approval.

Trust in You and Your guidance is all we have that is sure. We don’t know everything. We are not all-powerful. We are not perfectly pure and good. All knowledge and power and wisdom can be used for bad as well as good. And men will choose bad.

In our proneness, in our imperfection that leads to falling short, we trust You and in the rightness of Your ways and choose to follow that path. And we believe that You will work that to right and good, that You will protect us from doing harm to ourselves and to others.

We seek to be strong in our trust Father. Help us to be so.

In Yeshua’s name we pray,


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