Month: י״ט בניסן ה׳תשע״ט (April 24, 2019)

Minchah Prayer 04-24-19


“Be careful not to forget ADONAI your God by not obeying His mitzvoth, rulings and regulations that I am giving you today. “Otherwise…”
after enjoying the benefits,
“…you will say to yourself, ‘My own power and the strength of my own hand have gotten me this wealth.’”
You took Your chosen people, set apart for a special purpose, and with them those who wished to be a part, out of bondage and brought them to Yourself.
You nurtured them with food and drink that sustains body and the food and drink of Your Word, that sustains the spirit, grew them and strengthened them to go in, take a promised land and be a light and a blessing to all the world, to draw all the world to You.
And You warned them that if they did not obey, keep, guard, cherish, Your mitzvoth, rulings and regulations, they would forget You…forget You Father… and apply to themselves the credit and glory and worship for their salvation, Father, that it was You who was/are the source of.
What a betrayal of Your love that would be Father! What hurt and anger that would arouse! How would You justifiably react?
Your reaction to what did happen anyway, even with the warning, was to call again to us to come out, separate ourselves to You, was to once again provide a Passover Lamb whose blood would separate us from defilement and death and “apartness” from You.
Your reaction was to once again set aside Your jealousy and hurt, and continue to woo a self centered, fickle, shallow people, to transform, who so ever will, into a son and daughter, centered on You, steadfast, capable of deep, meaningful and faithful love in return for Yours.
Father cause Your Spirit within us and Your Spirit around all who have not turned to You, to stir and arouse and prod a remembrance of You, to stir a desire to know You and be Yours.
Open our eyes to what You truly say in Your Word, to us all. Warn and protect us from altering even a stroke, to justify our own purposes.
May we trust and never disobey Your mitzvot, rulings and regulations that are our insight into intimately knowing You, redefine You, drift away and forget You.
Soften our hard hearts that,
 they mold to Yours,
become one with Yours,
separate us to You as You would have us.
We remember You, Jehovah God, Abba Father.
It is You who has given us the power to…
In Yeshua’s name we praise and pray,

There Is A Scripture 04-19-19


Father, nothing in life we have or do has any meaning or value if we don’t first, take our focus off ourselves, humble ourselves before You, give You praise and glory.

And so we do Jehovah…Abba.

We have worth Father, because You value us.

You value us so much that You allowed the sacrifice of that part of You dearest to You, to satisfy justice and allow for mercy and forgiveness, to provide a means to be near You.

We did not merit it but that did not matter to You.

Your heart softens as You see us, “…harried and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd…” Matthew 9:36 CJB.

Your heart softens in the presence of sorrow and humility, repentance and urgent desire to be in pleasing, favoring relationship with You.

Your heart softens when we recognize Your Goodness and Good, when we are captivated by it and want to be that way as well.

Thank You Father.

Thank You Father for the great love of Yeshua for us, that lead to His giving up His life for us.

Thank You Father for the Son in whom You are well pleased, who You raised up from death and even beyond that life giving death continues to mediate for us at Your right hand.

What wondrous love this is!

How blessed we are!

Praise be to You, our most beloved Savior, Brother, Friend and King.

In Yeshua’s name we pray,


May Yahweh’s, Abba’s love be in us all.


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