Month: כ״א בתמוז ה׳תשס״ז (July 2007)

The Bible was written by Hebrews

The Bible was written by Hebrews

and therefore it is critical to understand ancient Middle Eastern and Semitic biblical-era cultures and to learn the meaning of the many unique Hebrew and Aramaic words, expressions, and idioms found in Scripture. Torah Class presents a biblical (rather than doctrinal) exegetical scripture study perspective while embracing a spirit-filled, intellectually honest, and refreshingly understandable exploration of God’s Word that Jews and gentiles from a variety of denominations and affiliations will find invaluable.


Ancient Biblical Truths

Ancient biblical truths revealed for 21st century Believers.

The prophesied return of Israel to their ancient homeland, the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls that confirms the accuracy of the Old Covenant, new understanding of ancient biblical Hebrew and root Semitic languages, and previously unthinkable world events are reshaping bible study and thrusting the Old Testament back into the spotlight. provides Pastors, Rabbis, Teachers, and college, seminary, yeshiva and bible students and laymen with an abundance of FREE in-depth bible studies that incorporates the latest bible research and discoveries. A unique multi-discipline teaching method combines Christian and Jewish theology along with bible history, archaeology and linguistics for a rich learning experience. Here you will find up-to-date resources including downloadable audio, video and text lessons plus maps, charts and graphics.


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