Month: ה׳ באייר ה׳תש״פ (April 2020)

Minchah Prayer 04-29-2020


Father, may we be continually searching Your Word to understand its meaning and to apply its instructions…in our relationship with You and with one another…in every aspect of our daily lives.

And Father, may we follow our Savior’s example of going off into privacy of prayer, to experience Your ministering to us in regard to all our concerns and questions and requests… to worship You and thank You and praise You.

Show us Father, what it was that You and Yeshua shared in those times alone together, what the Son of God would share with His Father and what the Son of flesh and blood would request.

If it was… maybe to experience a bit of the glory He left to be among us … if it was that the Son found relief and comfort for His body and spirit in the company of the Father… if it was that They talked about the welfare of Their created ones…if it was just to be quietly together…Father may we go there and find things like these as well for ourselves.

May it be a time of sharing our hearts openly and honestly with You, of laying out before You what is on our minds… to go over it all… with You… and then of waiting on You.

May it be a time of our acknowledging to You our complete trust in You, the need for Your strength in our lives and our desire to find favor in Your eyes… a time to experience Your love for us and a time to speak to You… our love for You.

May it be a time for determining what and committing to, Your will for us.

May it be a time that shields and preserves our hopes and joy and peace from any destructive and temporary lures and troubles, of this world, that would separate us from You.

May it be a time that strengthens the ties that bind us to You and to one another.

Thank You Father.

In Yeshua’s name we pray,


There Is A Scripture 04-24-20


“Rather than wealth, choose a good reputation,

Esteem over silver and gold.” Proverbs 22:1 CJB.

A good reputation is not something one can buy. It is the result of a certain heart and character.

“Do not let grace and truth leave you—

bind them around your neck;

write them on the tablet of your heart.

Then you will win favor and esteem

in the sight of God and of people.” Proverbs 3:3-4 CJB.

Grace and truth, how important these are when evaluating, judging, the actions of others.

Suppose then, you are having a conversation with some close ones about something someone… you all know, said to someone else… you all know. And what that person said was accusatory in regards to a decision the other had made. The accusation was that the other person’s motives were self seeking and not in the interest of the body as a whole. And suppose that as a result it caused an uneasiness between the two.

But then as the conversation proceeded, you recalled that at some point after this uneasiness began between the two individuals , in a prayer offered up, you heard the “accuser” confessing to Yahweh the merits of decisions people make in their efforts to be in His will… and in light of what you knew had occurred prior to the prayer, it was evident that that person had been thinking about the incident and the words spoken and realized, their “kin in the faith” had done nothing wrong, on the contrary, had done what actually can be expected when one hears the prompting and call of God’s Spirit in their life. The prayer was humble and sincere and had all the earmarks of conviction and repentance.

So then you would have brought that up in order to give a deeper insight into the character of the individual. But no…you didn’t.

There is another scripture that can apply here and I believe it does in its spirit.

“If a person who is a witness, sworn to testify, sins by refusing to tell what he has seen or heard about the matter, he must bear the consequences.” Leviticus 5:1 CJB.

What those consequences would be I’m not sure, but could one of them be a tarnishing of our own reputation for not testifying about a matter we have knowledge of… and as a consequence another’s good character… their reputation, would suffer?

The important point is that we are just as obligated to protect the reputation of our fellow brothers and sisters, when we can, as they are to seek after a good reputation that the Word counsels them/us to pursue. Isn’t that so?

The apostle Peter says, “…rid yourselves of all malice, of all deceit, hypocrisy and envy, and of all the ways there are of speaking against people…” (1 Peter 2:1 CJB) and I would say to rid ourselves of all ways of not speaking for people when we know the good they have done. We are our brother’s keepers. And we need to be on guard because at the root of our withholding good there is malice, deceit, hypocrisy and ways for speaking against people.

Father forgive us our trespasses against one another, those we do openly and mistakenly… and those we do by intentional omission.

May we communicate with one another in honesty as people who love one another and not assume we know what is in the heart and mind of one another.

May we be slow and prayerful in our evaluation of other’s behavior.

And in the case of mistaken judgments may we be quick to ask for forgiveness or as the case may be, quick togive forgiveness.

May we find favor in Your sight and in the sight of people and

May You be glorified.

In Yeshua’s name we pray,


May God’s love be in us all.


Minchah Prayer 04-22-2020


“…let those who are suffering according to God’s will entrust themselves to a faithful Creator by continuing to do what is good.”  1Peter4:19 CJB.

“…humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, so that at the right time He may lift you up. Throw all your anxieties upon Him, because He cares about you…” 1 Peter 4:6 CJB.

It’s a peculiar time we are living in right now Father.

Apart…together…it is called, to whatever degree we practice it.

To some it is agreeable while to others it is a burden, to all it imposes on personal freedom and strains financial well being, tests relationships and exposes them for what they really are. All of us are searching for ways to adapt.

We pray to You Father, for hearts of acceptance that it is Your will we experience and endure these times, hearts of acceptance because we trust and believe and know that You care about us and You are working all things to the eternal good of those  who trust… and continue to do what is good in Your eyes.

May we take the opportunity these times make available to us… to examine and reevaluate our lives and the ways we have been living them, examine and reevaluate what is really important to us and for us.

May we utilize this rearrangement of our time and use of it to engage with You more through prayer and Your Word.

May we indeed, humbly, cast our anxieties upon You but also give You praise and thanksgiving because You are our faithful Creator and at the right time You will lift us up.

Grant us patience Father, to trust in Your judgment and timing.

May this trust and reliance on You be a source of comfort and peace for us and  may we experience joy in extending blessing and good towards one another.

Thank You Father for Your presence and the work You do in our lives.

To You be glory from… and the love of… all men.

In Yeshua’s name we pray,


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