What Others Are Saying

Matt J
This is my first experience studying the scriptures from a Jewish perspective. I'm amazed to discover how much modern bible translations have changed or misinterpreted the scriptures and this has brought me to an entirely new level of understanding.
Cynthia W
I am absolutely delighted that I can now also stream the lessons on Roku. This is so exciting!
Don F
We have studied with Torah class and several other similar teachings for many years. But we always come back to studying with Torah Class the most.
Manjo M
Thanks to Yehoveh for waking me up and thanks again to you for teaching me the Bible and it’s real meaning.
Cynthia B
I have been studying the Torah daily with Torah Class for about 6 months, and it has “rocked” my world! Previously, I had been studying God’s Word inductively using Precept Ministries’ materials. At a Precept conference, someone told me about Torahclass.com. Am I ever thankful...wow!
Mary R
Your teachings and the blessed Holy Spirit have brought me back from where I was likely headed ...
Isaac C
I love your resources on the Hebrew Bible Reading
Paula M
I was raised in the catholic church and spent two years with the Jehovah's Witnesses. I can truly say that I am finally hearing the truth. Thank God the Holy Spirit led me to you.
Patricia B
I am enjoying and benefiting from your teaching immensely!!
Tim C
Keep up the good work! I am loving the hard work and perseverance that is behind the curtains. May God continue to bless the ministry!

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