Old Testament Studies

All lessons in this section are available in text and in streaming and downloadable audio (MP3 format). You may download or print the text by clicking on the PDF icon at the top of the page.

The audio player is embedded in the page and is used only for streaming audio; use the simple controls that appear on the player. To download an MP3 audio file to your computer or mobile device, right click on the word “download”. Or hover your mouse
pointer over “How to download” and downloading instructions will appear.

Each lesson has a PDF slide presentation that accompanies it.
This slide presentation contains charts, maps, pictures, outlines and other graphics to enhance the lesson. It is highly recommended that for best results you view the slide
presentation while listening to the audio (or reading the text).

Begin by starting the audio player that is located just above the lesson text, and then click on the “Illustrations” icon. Size the pop-up window to suit your screen. You will have to manually advance the slides.

New lessons will be added, in order, generally one per week. You may sign up for a podcast either on this website or at I-tunes.

Some lessons are now available as videos. Scroll down this page to the heading “Old Testament Studies Video Files” to select the video lesson.

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