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Do you want more in your journey with God? Are you a serious follower of Messiah and a true Bible student? Do you want to graduate from milk to meat? Torah Class is not designed for Seekers. However many Seekers have come, read and listened to our studies and turned to the Lord as a result. Rather Torah Class is designed for those who already have a relationship with Christ. Are you ready to know more about your faith; the deeper mysteries and truths that lay just under the surface? Do you want to reinvigorate your walk with God, even after years or decades as a dedicated Believer? God’s truth is our goal; not the teaching of manmade doctrines and traditions.

Begin your journey of knowledge and inspiration by registering. It is free, no gimmicks. But you do have to REGISTER. Registration is free, easy, and takes only seconds; it involves setting up your personal account. The only information you will give to us is your email address (which is your User name), and a password that you create. Your password is encrypted and stored digitally; we have no access to it. Registration gives you access to all lessons and resources on the entire website….nothing is held back. Be aware that you will receive occasional emails from any of our 5 ministries; emails that we think you’ll look forward to. Don’t worry, you won’t be slammed with emails and we won’t give your email address to anyone. However if you unsubscribe your email address, your Registration will automatically terminate and you will lose access to Torah Class lessons. We believe that receiving a few emails each month is a small price to pay for the treasure trove of Godly learning that is available.

Your Registration gives you access to the Scriptural research, commentary and works of 3 renowned Bible Teachers: Tom Bradford, Baruch Korman (known as Rabbi Baruch), and Gary Lambert. Some Torah Class lessons are topical; others are exegetical, in-depth, and multi-faceted verse by verse Bible study. There are new lessons added every week. Go at your own pace. Listen, read, or watch from your favorite device; even in your car or during air travel.

Tom Bradford’s lessons are available in multiple formats: video, MP3 audio, and text manuscripts. Each lesson also includes a companion slide show presentation that helps guide you through each lesson and provides colorful maps, illustrations, and other graphical teaching aids. The lessons can be streamed or they can be downloaded and stored on your favorite devices. Podcasts from Itunes are also available.

Rabbi Baruch’s lessons are streaming videos, with some MP3 audios.

Gary Lambert’s lessons are streaming videos only.

If you wish to go through entire Bible books, then select the lessons of Tom Bradford. An average Bible book study will consist of around 35 lessons (some more, some fewer depending on the length of the Bible book). Each lesson is around 45 minutes in length. It is important to start at the beginning to get the most from the lessons. While it is fine to select a particular book you are interested in to study, the better way is to begin at Genesis, Lesson 1, and progress through each lesson and book in their Biblical sequence. Don’t skip any lessons and don’t skip around. Each lesson builds upon the previous lessons. Each book builds upon the previous books. New concepts and information is added step by step. In Bible study, context is everything

Be aware that we do not have lessons on every Bible book. What you see listed is what we have. But, the library is continuously growing.

Rabbi Baruch has some lessons that are stand alone, some that are taught in a series of lessons. Some are topical, some are exegetical Bible study.

Gary Lambert’s lessons are topical, containing much spiritual insight and practical application of important interest to all Believers. While some lessons are stand alone, others are a series of lessons.

Be sure to explore the Torah Class website to find articles written by guest authors, a list of study resources, and more. And you’ll find specials events listed (such as Biblical Feast celebrations) that you may like to attend at our congregational facility in Merritt Island Florida; so check the Homepage regularly for updates.

Are you a home group? A Bible Study fellowship or perhaps a house Church? Torah Class materials are use by thousands of home groups worldwide. Watch a video on your TV. Listen to an audio on an Ipad or Smartphone or any other device. Download and use it all for free.

Are you a Synagogue, Church, Sunday School, Christian School or Bible College? Yes, Torah Class materials are regularly used there as well. Use them as a reference or basis for a sermon or Bible study. Down load, print and reproduce the manuscripts; hand them out. No limit. Project the HD quality videos on your lecture hall screen. Play the MP3 audios through your sound system. It’s all free. Please note that our material is copyrighted and you should review our Copyright terms on the homepage.

Everything that offers is on line; we do not send printed materials through the mail. is one of 5 ministries of Seed of Abraham Ministries. The other 4 are: Holyland Marketplace, Seed of Abraham Fellowship,, and Hope For Israel. Why is everything free? Because we exist to serve the Kingdom of God as the Lord has directed us. But also because it is time that the deep truths of God’s Word are made available to all, outside of the hallowed walls of our finest Theological and Bible schools where only a select few have access.

That’s it. That’s all there is to it. Now Register for free and start learning God’s Word and absorbing inspirational Biblical topics from an authentic, scholarly and yet user friendly original language and culture perspective. Understand God’s Word as though you were there when it was first given.

When in doubt, start at the beginning: Genesis, lesson 1. Torah Class studies will expand your understanding and enhance your relationship with the Lord. Ready for a life changing experience with God? All it costs you is your time.

Torah Class. Real. Bible. Study.

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