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Minchah Prayer 08-08-18

Minchah Prayer

Father, we offer prayer to You.

For a few quiet moments we can put aside the plans and pursuits we see ahead of us this day and focused wholly on You and we… We can know the comfort of talking to You and give thanks.

Thank You Father, for the rest You gave us in sleep, for renewed strength and freshness of spirit for the day.

Thank You for the thoughts You bring to mind about who You are, about things You have said, realizations that it was You yesterday or the day before, in that encounter, Your spirit at work in that conversation, Your goodness and blessing, Your instruction being given through Your created ones, one to another.

Thank You that we can, and we do Father, place our cares on You.

Thank You Father, that You are making us into new persons that actually do care about the well being and safety of our fellow human beings, their bodies, their minds, thoughts and plans. We care that their families, their relationships, casual and intimate would grow in reward and strength. We care that those around us would have health and purpose and peace and joy, because they know and walk with You and that they would give You glory for it.

We thank You Father, for faith and the courage and peace it gives us, to express our love for You openly, to do Your will clear minded in the knowledge that it is right and good and know the happiness and joy of Your approval.

We thank You Father, for this bright new day, the beauty and wonder of Your creations, for the fellowship of one another, for Your ever presence in our lives for good.

We love You Abba… Father.

In Yeshua’s name we pray,


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