There Is A Scripture 12-20-19

Come here.


How many times we’ve heard that one. Our parents call to us and depending on the quickness of our response it may be said one time as a beckoning or a second time as a stern command… either way we are wanted and will be, in their presence.

God called to Adam in the garden. Noah’s labor was a time of calling to a corrupt world. Avram was called out of the land and house of his father to a land Yahweh would show him. The children of Israel, called into and then out of, Egypt and on to the Mountain of God. From the Mountain, God was calling back through time and space, “Come Here.”

At the Mountain, Jehovah gave instructions for a tabernacle to be built, a place from which, at God’s command to “Come Here”, the people would go to be in His presence.

They were escorted into the promised land and there a temple was built where Yud- Hey-Vav-Hey made His Name to be, from where He called His people to “Come Here.”

Then Yeshua came. God again calling, “Come Here.”

The grave will open and give up its dead, those living in the Word too, will respond to the beckoning, the command to “Come Here.”

“Come Here” He commands and the God of all creation casts the dragon and his following into the Lake of Fire, He commands “Come Here”, to the White Throne and be judged, “Come Here” to find out if your name is written in the Book of Life…or not, “Come Here” to be rewarded according to what you have or haven’t done.

And the final “Come Here”, from the very person of God into the very Presence of God, to a new creation, He calls out to us.

From before the foundations of the earth He has been calling over and over again. “Come Here” He was saying from Eden in the beginning. He had a place He wanted us to go, and He would show us.

From Eden future we hear His voice calling back to us, beckoning, commanding “Come Here. This is the place I want you to be, I have always wanted you to be”.

From both directions He is calling to be “Here” in His Presence.

Father, may we listen to Your gentle voice as it beckons us continually to come to You.
May we not hold back or not, not respond, out of disregard, selfishness or fear but instead run to You as to our heart’s deepest desire, to You the priceless jewel of greatest beauty, to You who is the source of every good and perfect thing.

For all the good and loving ones and gifts we know and value in this world, which are of You, for which we are thankful… in our thankfulness may we still value and esteem fellowship with You, Your favor… most of all and

May our desired oneness with You transform us to be the brothers and sisters to one another You would have us be, sons and daughters that You find pleasing.

Thank You Father.

Thank You Yeshua.

In Yeshua’s name we pray,


May God’s love be in us all.


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