There Is A Scripture 11-24-2017

I received a blessing yesterday morning. It was a very simple thing and I am going to say I believe it was meant for me and no one else. I think God does things for His children, sometimes out of the blue for no other reason than He enjoys surprising and blessing.

My wife and I were up fairly early and like most holiday mornings it was quieter than on a normal work day, no sounds of activity, just quiet.

We were talking about how things had changed here where we live in the last fifty years or so that we have known each other and been married.

Growth and development have taken place. Roads are wider and busier, some here that weren’t before. The land has been developed and now, compared to then, so many buildings, businesses and homes.

The foliage has changed with greenery and ground cover now that was never here before. Where do these species come from? Pine trees once numerous now not so much so. Critters that used to be common to a tropical, water filled area now gone or new species taking the place of native.

We talked about the river and how different it is now from fifty years ago. The variety and quantity of aquatic plant and animal life isn’t as varied or numerous. The appearance of the shore line is not the same and the bottom conditions are no longer grassy and productive, like they once were.

And the ducks don’t visit in the numbers and predictable timing that they once did. At this time of year you could go outside in the evenings and be treated to the sight of  v-shaped formations of ducts in flight, in the mornings hundreds upon thousands bobbing on the waters of the river, staying for a spell before continuing on. It was all pretty predictable and didn’t seem like it would ever be anything different. They come now here and there, not so many and gone before you have a chance to appreciate them.

I told my wife that in fact I had gone out last evening to have a look. The sky was empty and nothing on the water. Same as last year at this point in time and really, for many years before.

So she goes into the kitchen to get something and I hear her call me to come. “Look out there” she says pointing out the kitchen window to the river. Low and behold there is a patch of black on the water. “Ducks! They weren’t there last night at dark. Dropped in in the night sometime or maybe early morning. Man I would have liked to see them come in!” She had a big smile on. “I think God did that just…” I say, “just for you didn’t He?” she says.

From the bank there is nothing to see looking north or south. But in direct line of sight from the kitchen window, a little patch of maybe four or five hundred ducts peacefully afloat.

One might say, “Don’t be silly. Just a coincidence.” Not so. Foolishness to the Greek, but not to me. My God can bless me if He so chooses and He does.

That little raft of water birds floating out there is not just a remnant of what I remember from days gone by, but in decline subtle evidence of creation “…groaning as with the pains of childbirth” that lead to being “…set free from the bondage of decay” to “…enjoy the freedom accompanying the glory that God’s children will have.” Romans 8:22,21 CJB.

Travail has not destroyed the wonder and beauty, the hope, of Yahweh’s creations. It is just what has to be endured till the time is right for newness and perfection and fellowship with Him.

Father, thank You for the beauty and wonder that is, and more, for that which is to come.

In Yeshua’s name we pray, Amen.

May God’s love be in us all.


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