There Is A Scripture 11-03-2017

The voice of God; How I long to hear it, the sound of it in my ears.

What should I do Father? Should I lend it to him? He says he really needs it. Should I take it back when he is done with it or can repay? I don’t know enough about him to make a judgment about the seriousness and honesty of  his story. How many times can he ask and I be expected to give? It would be so easy if You would just speak the answer to me and I didn’t have to guess.

In the middle of this musing I think… hear?

“If you see your brother’s donkey or ox collapsed on the road, you may not behave as if you hadn’t seen it; you must help him get them back up on their feet again.”  Deuteronomy 22:4 CJB.

But what if this guy hates me, has sinned against me…

“…how often can my brother sin against me and I have to forgive him?  As many as seven times? ‘”No, not seven times,’” answered Yeshua, ‘”but  seventy times seven!’”  Matthew 18:21-22 CJB.

“If you see the donkey which belongs to someone who hates you lying down helpless under its load, you are not to pass him by but to go and help him free it.”  Exodus 23:5 CJB.

How often?

With the same frequency as I forgive? Is that the answer Father?

“The poor you will always have with you”  Matthew 26:11 CJB.

But didn’t he bring this on himself, shouldn’t he have to suffer the consequences of his own decision making, is what I do really going to help, but I’m busy right now, but, but, but…

“For He makes His sun shine on good and bad people alike, and He sends rain to the righteous and the unrighteous alike.”  Matthew 5:45 CJB.

“The ones who need a doctor aren’t the healthy but the sick.” Matthew 9:12 CJB.

“For while we were still helpless, at the right time, the Messiah died on behalf of ungodly people.” Romans 5:6 CJB.

“…Messiah died on our behalf while we were still sinners.” Romans 5:8 CJB.

Wait! Who am I talking to?

Where are those words coming from?

Who spoke them?

“Well you were complaining, Son, that I should just tell you what you needed to know. So I did. But if you hadn’t read My Word you wouldn’t have heard my voice. Ok, maybe your voice in your own mind but that’s what I choose to let you hear. You know it didn’t come from you.

I chose a people to be a God to. And I tasked them to write down My Words, exactly as I wanted them written down and I told them to preserve them without adding to or taking away from them, to study and know and obey them, and I told them to share them with the world. I put power into those words, made them instructive for what I say is right living. Bring all the world to Me. I want all My family to know Me and be with Me.

Why, my son, would I go to that trouble only to make it unnecessary by simply whispering in your ear every time you asked a question?

I’m here. And I go to that trouble to offer you an opportunity to demonstrate your desire and love for Me. You must meditate on Me, contemplate Me, search out My character, My likes and dislikes, My joys and sorrows, the good that I Am, the good I want and the good you can be. I want to be the desire of your heart and I want to see you pursue… without giving up, without ceasing, trust… without hesitation. And I want you to DO it all out of a heart of love.

You have a part in this and I want you to do it.

What was your complaint again?

My advice to you, child, is that you study my Word more if you want to hear Me and hear Me more.”

Father, I should be ashamed that I complained but I can’t be because I’m so happy that You do talk with me. I understand that now.

May it be the desire of our hearts, Abba, to be intimate with Your Word and to listen to it as it reminds, guides and instructs.

Save us from the pitfall of not being willing to accept Its teaching and expectations of us.

Save us from the pitfall of purposely misinterpreting even disobeying because we desire our will over Yours.

May we walk and talk with You forever.

In Yeshua’s name we pray.


May God’s love be in us all.


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