There Is A Scripture 10-12-18

The good advice has already been given. Our Father has given it to us in His Word and He has done so out of love for us. The consequence of His loving us is the advice for us and the rightness and good we will achieve in following it.

The fortunate thing for us is that when we don’t take that advice He does not become immediately incensed, angry, offended and say in essence, “The heck with them!” That may well come. But it isn’t His first response.

From the very beginning when we first did what we thought was good in our own minds to now and to the end He provided and continues to, the advice we need to avoid wrong doing and its outcome, and live rightly and be in harmony with Him and with each other.

I knew a man who just couldn’t stand it when he would tell you how to do something and you disagree or continued in your own original plan. He took too often and not always justifiably, personally the different point of view, as if you thought him wrong or his direction not any good. When he took you that way he became angry and he went where ever his anger took him. Where it took him was to “The heck with you. You think you know so much. I don’t need you.” and refuse to talk or have anything to do with you…for a time.

In time he would release a couple neutral words, grudgingly, and sort of acknowledge you. When some new issue came up and there was conversation about what to do he would be on the fringes listening and finally he wouldn’t be able to stand it anymore and would jump in and give his thoughts. You see, in his heart he really did want to be a help and in his anger he wasn’t really able to blot out those who decided in favor of advice other than his own. Again, fortunately for us that Jehovah doesn’t react that way, even though, unlike ours, His Ways are right and perfect in all things and if He blots you out, well that is the end.

But Yahweh, our Father, is something like this man I knew, or better said, this man had a bit of the nature of his Maker in him. God may withdraw a ways but He is willing not to terminate the relationship. He awaits the behavior and response to Him that will draw Him back into closeness with Him. He has provided a Way for that to be so. In His case though, it all depends on a change of our hearts. He is and always has been right. He doesn’t change. We do.

“For My thoughts are not your thoughts, and your ways are not My ways,” says Adonai. “As high as the sky is above the earth are My ways higher than your ways, and My Thoughts than your thoughts.” Isaiah 55:8-9 CJB.

In real life I think we all have a tendency to be like my friend above and will prematurely disengage with others because we feel they don’t give import to our thoughts or suggestions on a matter. And in effect we separate ourselves with the intent to let them suffer the success or failure of their own ways, ready, I might add, to gloat, if things don’t turn out as well as they had hoped.

We as human beings don’t see the true heart in anyone. And none of us apart from God’s direction know what is right. Whereas God’s Ways are the only ways, our own advice though different from another’s may be no better or worse. If Yahweh chooses, either could succeed or fail.

I believe that when our Father tells us to love one another, one of the ways in which we are to do that is to be all the help we can to one another. If we see a problem, speak of it. If we see a solution, offer it. If it is rejected, don’t reject. Hang in there anyway. Be available. Be a companion. Take the hits, deny ego and pridefulness. Be a faithful lover, friend, companion…for better or worse. Don’t end up down the road a bit and in looking back be overcome by the understanding that things could have been different, and even if they might not, we did what was right.

Father, in Yeshua’s name, we pray for a heart that is faithful and loving and steadfast toward our spouses, our children, our friends and neighbors, even in times of stress, even at times when rejection on our part may be considered to be justifiable.

Form in us forgiving hearts and strengthen us to readily do it.

That we may be like You Abba.

That we find favor in Your eyes Father.

Draw us close.


May God’s love be in us all.

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