There Is A Scripture 09-21-18

It never ceases to amaze me that much as we, well, I, think I have come to a knowledge and understanding of God’s Word I am continually having to review, delete and add to. On the one hand I am frustrated by that because I fear for the things I have gotten wrong and maybe have lead others wrongly, but on the other hand I praise Yah because He doesn’t abandon. He corrects. And with each correction comes growth and maturity. When we get to the point where we think we know everything and are solidly against listening, questioning, comparing, to an interpretation or understanding that is new to us we can no longer grow. We are like those to whom Yeshua said “I didn’t come to call the ‘righteous’ but the sinners.” Mark 2:17 CJB. Yeshua was speaking to the Torah-teachers and P’rushim and a friend of mine told me it was a truth said with an element of tongue in cheek at best, sarcasm at worst.

Yeshua was eating with tax-collectors and sinners they said.

To the P’rushim and Torah-teachers He spoke as if to say “You righteous ones, I didn’t come for you. You don’t need me. It’s the sinners who do.” Of course they considered themselves righteous in their own eyes but they weren’t really, not in Yeshua’s eyes. They were confronted by the Truth, didn’t recognize it as something they knew, refused to consider it and so could not come to greater understanding. And these were the ones with the Written Word.

There are a lot of things out there to study and learn about. The first and foremost of it begins with the Word of God given us in the Bible. God reveals his character and attributes to us through it and to those who surrender themselves to Him through His Son Yeshua, there comes fuller and fuller insights and closeness.

On the surface there are instructions into how to behave towards Him and towards each other so that we know what He wants, what is pleasing to Him. And we could go on like that I suppose, if we learned to be obedient in love. But there are connections within the Word about who He is talking to and what His purposes are, clues as to when, where and how He plans to achieve His goal, which is, I might add, to bring all of His created ones back to the way it was supposed to be in the Garden. Some of these things are real mysteries which can be puzzled out through thorough study and the guidance of His Spirit and our persistent laboring to know. Some of it we will get only partially right and some of it we won’t get at all. But we must be willing to do the work and work together to learn the truth and be willing to accept that we don’t necessarily have it just right, if that’s the case, and to be unassuming if we do have it correct and someone else needs to humble themselves to this point or that.

The secret. Meekness and humbleness, the opposite of arrogance and pridefulness, something my friend also spoke to me. Meekness and humility are truly an affliction to the carnal man but it is by affliction that we grow in spirit, become stronger, give glory. It is a sacrifice Yahweh is worthy of. It is an affliction that is profitable to impose on one’s self.

With deeper study and learning comes more intimate knowledge, greater appreciation, love and fear, fear of Him and fear of being without Him.

My family and I are going off to the mountains for a week. There is a piano where we are going to stay and my grandson will be taking his guitar. We are going to be together. Even the dog is going to be there. We will walk the woods and sing songs. Where I don’t know the words I’ll just hum. We’ll witness God’s marvelous creation and think about His awesome power. We’ll talk to Him in the quiet wood and confess to Him how pure and clean He is, how just and merciful He is, how all knowing and wise He is, How powerful and unconquerable He is, how fierce and fearful He is to us, how worthy of all our praise and honor and glory He is and how we are so grateful and thankful and humbled we are that He loves us.

It’s our prayer that in the upcoming Sukkot week, those of you who belong to the Lord will also have like experiences no matter where or in what form, that you would be abundantly blessed and share between us those blessings.

And to those who don’t believe or haven’t surrendered to the Truth, my prayer is that the Lord of all creation will place in front of you a perfectly clear window through which you see the realness of Him, the truth of His ways, the love He has for you and His unconditional willingness to receive your afflicted, humbled, repentant, hungry being to Himself forever and ever, if you are just willing.

Blessed are You our Lord and Savior. How great Thou art.

Blessed are you Abba Father. How great Thou art.

In Yeshua’s name we pray,



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