There Is A Scripture 09-07-18

There is a line Mark Twain deserves credit for. “Of all the things I’ve lost, I miss my mind the most.”

We associate poor memory and diminished ability with aging, a thing we can really do nothing about and there is truth in that. It isn’t just a result of aging only. There is a connection between forgetting and not doing the exercise of remembering. We live from day to day, activity to activity, season to season, looking for what lies ahead.

In the process we can drift from or forget what got us on a certain path, what our vision and purposes were at the start. That lapse can cause one to get side tracked, life to become mundane.

Today my wife and I are married forty-nine years and one day (but who’s counting?). It’s been some time since we bought gifts or went out somewhere. For a long time now we wake up, she will remember, sometimes I will but after the happy anniversary Babe, our thoughts and conversation will turn to the past. We’ll talk about the wedding and how the reception was done, who was there. We’ll remember about the starting days and years, children, events, work and people and experiences. We remember there were hard times, questionable, dangerous times.

I can remember having hurt feelings, doing and saying hurtful things. I can remember the guilt of knowing I had caused hurt and the desire to fix it, fix it so that everything was ok right away. I remember the down heartedness at knowing that things don’t get fixed or right immediately, that once again it was going to take time, more unnecessarily needed time. Forgiveness can be immediate but healing takes time.

Does that seem like a lack of faith to say forgiveness doesn’t come with immediate healing? I don’t think so, really. We’re human and though we strive we aren’t perfect. Staying the course is what counts. Healing comes.

I remember good and happy times a part of it as well, of smiles and laughter, surprises and loving looks. I remember the devotion and faithfulness, the loyalty and protectiveness, of being respected and valued, of the desire to and goal for, making my spouse know she is high in my estimation and loved. I do not consider another.

“He who finds a wife finds a great good;

He has won the favor of Adonai.” Proverbs 18 :22 CJB.

(Abba, Father, Counselor, Mighty, Compassionate, Just and Loving One.)

We remember that neither one of us was or is, perfect. As the years go by remembering from the beginning is an aid and time has proven, love continues and grows.

I think we both think these things.

Remember is something Yahweh does. It is something He requires of us to do, one more way to grow in likeness of Him.

One might even say the command for remembering, the principle of it, is woven into every Word of Instruction He has given us.

We are to remember, consider, examine and evaluate. It should lead to refreshing of origin, purpose and goals. It should lead to conviction, repentance, correcting of course where needed and it should be a source of joy and hope and anticipation. It should work to facilitate and prove a continuing and growing love in us for Him and for each other.

We need to remember to Whom we belong and to Whom we speak, of Whom we represent, His vision and purpose, the history we have, each of us, with Him from the beginning, how He has never forsaken, been patient, sacrificial and has endured. He forgives. He heals.

God help us! You love us!

Take time. Sacrifice the distractions. Do a simple thing. Hold hands with your loved ones and remember all in light of His working good. Knit your hearts with our Father’s.

May the trumpets herald and declare memory and promise.

Father, Abba, Strength and Protector, Kind One, Wise One, Fierce One, Fearful One, Perfect, True, Righteous, Pure, Merciful, Forgiving, Just, the One we need One.

We sound the shofar of remembrance and it all points to and glorifies You.

Thank You Father, for indestructible, undiminished, faithful and hopeful love for us.

Thank You Father that in our imperfection we can, You want us to, trust and rely on You.

Thank You that when we hurt or disappoint, or anger, or betray or act shamefully or are ashamed, You forgive and restore our remorseful heart, convict to brokenness our spirit, clean and heal and bring us close, continue and grow in Your care.

May we always be in remembrance, humble, and filled with joy.

May You be pleased, and glorified.

In Yeshua’s name we pray,


May the trumpets sound joyfully.

May God’s love be in us all.


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