There Is A Scripture 09-01-2017

God is so good!!

The storm comes and we pray:

Father let it change course, let it diminish in strength, let there be no damage, no destruction, no loss of life, let it stop. But the storm came anyway and it was strong, and there was destruction and loss of life.

Sometimes we wonder, don’t we, if there is purpose behind the tragic events of life and what good our prayers are if they are not answered according to what we ask? But who knows what good would have been forfeit if we had not prayed?

We suffer trials, which are real and have an effect, as if they are of lasting consequence because we are in them, they are all we see, the things we have lost and the time it will take, and the resources we had planned for something else to recuperate. Will we recuperate? Will it ever be the same? Where do we go, what do we do? We mourn.

Did God send this storm, this death, sickness, frustration, persecution, these hard times in our lives as punishment, individual or corporate, for our sin?

Step back. Take another look.

When God created all that is, it was perfect. The seasons came and went. Rain and sunshine, wind and calm, were the natural order of things. There was balance, what was needed with what was provided. There is no mention of these in destructive force till after the sin of Adam.

“The earth was corrupt before God; the earth was filled with violence, God saw the earth, and, yes, it was corrupt; for all living beings had corrupted their ways on the earth.”  Genesis 6:11-12 CJB.

From that day forward everything God had made in perfection was corrupted, destined to decay and death by means of the consequent aberrance of nature, sickness, sorrow, the evil inclinations of man, and loss.

And from that day forward God used/uses, these circumstances and consequences of sin to work His will for good, to bring His creation back to a state of pureness and harmony with Him. Only He could do that. Only He could want that.

We have been living in a storm since the day we first took a taste of the forbidden fruit and we are going to remain in that storm, and we will continue to suffer the consequences of our wayward ways until the final destruction of the old order comes when God purifies by fire and creates a new heaven and a new earth and a new body, clean and perfect.

He has provided a means of redemption, of cleaning and instructions for growing a heart and nature that is compatible with His.

Evidence of this good is seen in the actions of people suffering “common trial”*. See how people struggling with their own problems reach out helping hands to others in the same dire straits when they could take the attitude of, every man for himself. They help, share what they have, laugh and cry and work together to see things through. Time is standing still. There is only today. All plans have been put on hold and the only objective for the day is to help one another endure.

This imperfect goodness in us is working towards bringing about in us, that perfect goodness that is the character and attribute of the perfect One who created us in His image. It is evidence of Him and it would seem is drawn from us, crafted into stronger being, most noticeably in times of hardship. Why are we so stiff necked?

The flood that totally destroyed in order to cleanse and renew was never to happen again but served as a pattern in dealing with human kind. God would use the aberrances of nature, the aberrances of human nature and their consequences to unclench our fists and acknowledge that He is God, supreme over all the earth, cry out to Him and love one another.

It really doesn’t comfort anyone to say, “It ain’t nothin but a thang”, to those who have suffered loss. But we and they, can draw comfort and hope and peace in proceeding if in the time of trouble we look for and choose to focus on, and engage in, the good that is being worked before our eyes. We can if we will rely on faith and trust in the sureness of all things working to good, even when not always evident before us. We can talk to our Abba, and help another and accept help in return, giving Him the glory.

This too, is of Him and he blesses so, working blessing to others through us, one to another.

In the beginning we “made our bed”. We have been “sleeping in it” “ever” since.

But a new day is coming.

May we reach out to Abba Father with the one hand and with the other to our fellow human beings after the pattern of the folks in the storm of wind and rain.

And we ask Father that we would not cease in reaching out both to You and to our fellows when You have blessed and times are good.

In Yeshua’s name we pray.


May God’s love be in us all.


*”common trial” A portion of a song sung by Leonard Cohen entitled “Who by Fire”

“Who by fire,

Who by water,

Who in the sunshine,

Who in the nighttime,

Who by high ordeal,…

Who by common trial,

Who by very slow decay,

Who…Who should I say is calling me?”

You see his point? It is Yahweh. And He uses all things to call us to Him.

God is so good!!

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