There Is A Scripture 08-25-2017

There is a saw mill not far from where I live. Turn off the main road down a dirt road and drive through a gate onto a narrow drive way canopied by tall pine trees on either side and you would think you were a couple hundred miles from nowhere, except for highway sounds coming through the woods from interstate and state roads not that far away.

Logs lay everywhere, some waiting, I guess, to be sawn, others laying there or stacked, looking like loaves of bread that has just been sliced, long ways, short ways. All shapes, all sizes.

Then there are those that have been cut as slabs, leaning upright against the walls of open three sided sheds or roofed areas with no walls. He picks up the garden hose, turns on the water and sprays the surface of the wooden slabs. A transformation takes place and the surface that was plain in appearance becomes colored, with grain lines forming all kinds of patterns, each piece different in color, shape, and pattern according to the kind of tree its size and shape.

There is a video of a young boy, about 8 maybe, in the kitchen packing his back pack with Twinkies and apple juice. Mom asks what he is up to and he replies he going to go look for God.

Out the door he goes, down the street, on the subway, around town and ends up on a park bench next to a homeless lady. He opens his back pack, takes out a Twinkie and just as he is about to take a big bite he looks over at the homeless lady and offers it to her. She takes it and what follows is a silent film depiction of the two laughing, talking, and just having a good time together. He checks his watch. It’s time to go. He gives the lady a big hug and runs off, turns around, smiles and takes off.

He gets home and Mom inquires. He tells his Mom he found God. He is a woman and she had a beautiful smile.

We see the homeless lady with a smile on her face walking over and sitting down next to another one like her who asks what she is so happy about. She tells her that she was just talking to God, but that He was a lot younger than she had thought.

It’s my thought that every day, everywhere, we are all looking for God whether knowingly or not, and He is everywhere, whether we see Him or not.

I don’t know about the man, whether he is a believer or not but if he is he has chosen to do work that exposes beauty hidden in one of God’s creations and show it off. He sees God’s hand in the created world. And if he isn’t a believer he is very close because that hidden unique beauty, that he is captivated by in the logs, is evidence of a Creator, of his Creator and His presence.

The little boy consciously went in search of God. The homeless woman may not have been looking but she did see, and so did the boy, the evidence of Him there in this encounter between two complete strangers in which kindness and happiness could be drawn to the surface from deep within. Maybe a little sprinkling of Living Water on plain folk brought beauty to the surface here. He was there. And they acknowledged Him.

“For ever since the creation of the universe His invisible qualities-both His eternal power and His divine nature- have been clearly seen, because they can be understood from what He has made.” Romans 1:20 CJB

You are with us Father, all around us and we pray our desire to be near You.

We pray that You would enable us to be keener at seeing the evidence of Your presence and activity in the physical world we see and in the people You have created.

May we in turn acknowledge, it is You and give You praise.

In Yeshua’s name we pray.


May God’s love be in us all.


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