There Is A Scripture 08-18-2017

“I am doing something new;

it’s springing up-can’t you see it?

I am making a road in the desert,

Rivers in the wasteland.”             Isaiah 43:19 CJB

“For I will pour water on the thirsty land

and streams on the dry ground;

I will pour my Spirit on your descendants,

My blessing on your offspring.”                 Isaiah 44:3  CJB

“Stop dwelling on past events

and brooding over times gone by…”  Isaiah 43:18 CJB

“One will say, “’I belong to Adonai”’.

Another will be called by the name of Ya’akov.

Yet another will write that he belongs to Adonai and adopt the surname, Isra’el.”                                                                                                   Isaiah 44:5 CJB.

He is speaking to Israel but is He not speaking to us as well? Are we not also His children, adopted into the name and family of  Israel? So is He not exhorting us as well?

There is a Spirit that is being poured out upon us and is indwelling in us. I can’t say that I have heard an audible voice as some can but a thought comes to mind in my voice, that wasn’t mine, a sense of reproach or of approval follows on a word I spoke or deed I did. There are times I say or do in a moment without thought the correct thing. A vision of  some past occurrence comes vividly to mind that enables me to relate or proceed in the here and now. When some would say I am speaking to the air, I am actually sensing a presence and am sure I am being heard and I experience comfort. When I have done good there is happiness and when I have done bad I sense remorse, confess it and experience forgiveness. There is freedom from guilt, another chance, the relief of knowing I am still loved, still desired. I praise when I don’t want to and it becomes genuine. I begin grudgingly and end grateful something I needed to do.

Isn’t this, and more that each of us can think of, a pouring out on us, and an indwelling of , His Spirit in us, a river of living water poured out on and soaking into the dry parched, ground of our lives, making of us something living and new right now and going forward. Doesn’t He manifest and isn’t He active, in our lives in limitless ways?

Father…help us to better and better hear, recognize, trust in, and Sh’ma the Comforter You have sent us, Your children.

Thank You for Your continuous, repeated, availability and attentiveness to us every day of our lives.

May Your Spirit in us, touch and bless those near us, and those with whom we come in contact, and may they/we, give You glory for the great and awesome God You are.

In Yeshua’s name we pray.


May God’s love be in us all.



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