There Is A Scripture 08-10-18

When all else fails, Praise the Lord!

When we get caught up in trying to understand but can’t, to know why but don’t, just Praise the Lord!

When it seems we are doing as He would have us do but it’s not turning out the way we would think it should, just Praise the Lord!

When we pray for a healing and we don’t see it, when we pray for laughter and instead there are tears, just Praise the Lord!

When someone offends, Praise the Lord!

When our urgency is not responded to by others, when we don’t see evidence of God at work to alleviate it, Praise the Lord!

In our praise, when things don’t go right, questions remain unanswered, or we don’t have an explanation, we rely on and demonstrate that we trust God and accept His permission that things should be so and still live with joy and thanks giving. We accept that the good He does through these isn’t measured by our concept of what good looks like. We accept that there may not always be relief or gratification.

We know He loves us and is perfecting us and that the new person He wants, will be able to be right and pure and good without fail even in the midst of uncertainties, troubles, and yes, blessing.

We believe it. We trust. And we praise Him!

Father, thank You.

We walk ever mindful You walk with us, and we desire it to be that way forever.

The things we experience, Father, we experience not alone, but in unity with You, relying on Your power to see us through, trusting and with expectation, that we will become better able to please You, better able to love one another.

Every step… is a step closer.

You are our joy!

We Praise You Lord, Truly Praise You!

Thank You Father.

In Yeshua’s name we pray,


May God’s love be in us all.


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