There Is A Scripture 08-04-2017

This particular morning my wife was wanting to get a quick start on the day. She had gotten up, dressed and out in the kitchen was making me a breakfast while I was still wandering around walking the sleep off.

I sat down and listened to the flurry of activity in the kitchen and shortly she served up fried grits, egg and meat followed by a cup of coffee, gave me a peck on the forehead and was out the door.

So there I am. I had my plate of food, finished it and sat back to enjoy that first (most often only) cup of coffee of the day.

Now that first sip is important. All week I had been making my coffee and there is a certain taste I strive to achieve and most of the time I don’t quite make it. So here goes. Blow across the surface of the hot liquid and breath in some air as the first steamy, hot sip is taken. Oh yea! That’s it, the perfect combination of sweet and bitter that you get with that first taste. In all her hasty activity preparing she made a perfect cup. No planning, no careful consideration, no hesitancy in the process. Just did it and moved on.

We meet new folks and in that first encounter it is usually a smile, shake hands and “nice to meet you”, type thing. But sometimes you come face to face with someone and there is a very easy exchange that takes place in which you may give a hug or an extra touch of the hand and it happens without even thinking, “should I or shouldn’t I”. There is something about that person that makes it a natural response on our part without planning or consideration or hesitancy.

Once, in a crowd my wife and I were standing next to a tall younger man, kind of a clean cut type and whatever it was we were all looking at, at the end we had a short verbal exchange with him, a complete stranger, and though I can’t remember now what it was, what I do remember was that it was an agreeing and pleasant spirit, like we were with someone we knew and got along with, just happened naturally. We both remarked later how different that was. It stood out to us both as something that had taken place that day that was nice, a blessing.

“…Lord, when did we see You hungry and feed You, or thirsty and give You something to drink? When did we see You a stranger and make You our guest, or needing clothes and provide them? When did we see You sick or in prison, and visit You?”  Matthew 25:37-39.  CJB.

The folks Jesus was describing in this verse had done good things without thinking of it as something special they should do, even being aware that they were doing something significant.

One day, when our Creator and Judge is playing the video of our lives and He and we view what was recorded I think there are going to be portions of it in which there seems to be nothing of great import taking place, no great thoughtfulness, no agonizing, no extraordinary activity or pondering taking place. He will point to that point of seeming insignificance in that little clip and say: ”See there? You were doing just what I wanted without thinking about it. At that point you were doing naturally what was pleasing to me. At that point you had the kind of heart that it was My intention that you have all the time”.

Father we thank You for those times of natural “likeness” to You, we have when things happen just naturally and without hesitancy or doubt.

We pray You would mold our nature that it would be like Yours continually.

We pray that just naturally, without hesitancy we would automatically and smoothly move in Your Goodness, to do Your Goodness.

Grant us the satisfaction that comes with being and doing as You would have us be and do.

Grant us the peace and safety and clearness of conscious that comes when we know that we have done “right” in Your eyes.

May You be loved and honored by us as easily and naturally as we breath.

In Yeshua’s name we pray.


May God’s love be in us all.


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