There Is A Scripture 07-28-2017

One of my daughters and my wife go grocery shopping twice, maybe three times a week. In preparation for the outings, though, my wife collects coupons mostly from off line and the newspaper. All these go into a binder and the binder goes along with my wife and daughter to the grocery store.

Now some folks poo-poo this sort of thing and for various reasons I suppose. Not enough time to go through the paper work, maybe never really thought it was worth it, maybe it doesn’t fit their image.

But I can tell you that it is well worth it and for a little time spent at what may seem tedious work, in the comfort of one’s home and time, there are rewards.

She, my wife, will come home with her purchases, get out the receipts and show how much she saved. I’ve seen the times, and not just a few, when the money saved is greater than the money spent.

And sometimes when she has combined coupons, like maybe a ”fifty percent off” on an item that is on sale and combining it with an additional coupon from another store that will be honored, she will pay no more than ten percent of the original price, or like this last week when the store actually gave money back for the product she bought. Did you get that? The store actually paid her to take it. We had a good chuckle over that one. At times, few though they may be, I kind of feel sorry for the grocers.

We have always been blessed with an abundance of food. We have never gone hungry or for that matter lacked delicious food. Praise the Lord!

I hope it’s not irreverent to think of God’s Word as the ultimate coupon book.

Are you shopping for companionship, a good reputation, instructions on how to love? Are you searching for patience or good will, well being, assurance of eternal life? Does the availability of a clear conscious, or the ability to be helpful, or of belonging to, loved by a desirable One get you to thinking. Does wisdom and fairness and justice seem like anything you would like to put in your cart and bring home… for yourself… for your family… for your fellow human beings? And what else?

How much can I get? What price? Can I afford it? Do I get my money’s worth? How long will it last till I have to go shopping again?

Without the Book, without the Living Word the cost is more than we have to give. We would not even know how to go about the process of purchasing.

But with the Book, with the Living Word, it is all available and obtainable without limit. Supplies never run out.

The motive of the Author is that all should have and have abundantly and He is able and wants to provide.

The cost to us is, well, it’s everything, it’s our very selves and what we are worth for all that He has that is worth so much more. So in a sense it is free.

Trusting and giving Him honor, loving Him by being obedient and devoted, happily devoted to His ways is all the legal tender we need.

It’s all in the Book, the Living and Eternal One.

In the Book it says:

By wisdom a house is built,

by understanding it is made secure,

and by knowledge its rooms are filled

with all kinds of costly and pleasant possessions.  Proverbs 24:3-4  CJB.

Father, thank You for Your complete and thorough provision that lasts forever.

Thank You for the Way to having a secure house with rooms “filled with all kinds of costly and pleasant things”.

Thank You for good things you have given already and those things we cannot earn or afford on our own yet to come.

Thank You Abba for your love.

In Yeshua’s name we pray.


May God’s love be in us all.


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