There Is A Scripture 07-27-18

I think it very interesting and maybe a little disconcerting, that from time to time I will find myself at a pause in my walk, sort of standing there, on the path, or maybe heading a little sideways?, realizing…”News flash son. I’ve been instructing you for some time now about that but you’ve been a little slow to see it. Seems to Me it’s always like that with you. Do Me a favor. Pay closer attention. I really am here. I really am involved.”

Little more than a week ago I was recounting about a conversation a friend of mine and I had had regarding the dating of Yeshua’s birth which had lead into a side trail about being good “Bereans”.

Before I got there though, I had made an off the cuff remark about how even a simple minded man like me could count the months of the year, compare information in the scriptures and come to a conclusion about a date for Yeshua’s birth. I’m not sure what I was thinking at the time but in hind sight I don’t think there was a spirit of humility there. Humility or no I spoke in a way that made it seem like I was right, even though there was that disclaimer in there to cover me, about this being an ongoing conversation.

A little after I received a note from a gentleman whose thoughts I respect and I don’t know whether it was his intention or not but I had a moment of conviction.

He thanked me for the post, and agreed that to be an “adult Christian” meant being a good Berean, that we are always wrestling “with details about, What matters, and What we should do, or be doing”, that “We should be listening to the Holy Spirit and obeying according to His direction” and that we need to be daily in prayer and have a spirit of openness because we won’t always get it right.

That was when I experienced conviction. My Father had pointed out to me, through my fellow family member, that I was not practicing what I preach. And He reminded me of the consequences of such action.

“For it is because of you that God’s name is blasphemed by the Goyim.” Romans 2:24. CJB.

Seem a little extreme or a stretch?

Within my little comment there was a spirit of, condescension?, I’m rightness?, puffed up-ness?, maybe?

When others read or hear such things from a child of the King, is the King glorified?

Was my comment one that invited engagement. Come on;

“…let’s talk this over together.” Isaiah 1:18 CJB.

If so, within the body this would not have encouraged reasoned, friendly response and outside the body it’s a poor example of how “brothers” treat one another:

“Everyone will know by this that you are My talmidim, by the fact that you have love for each other.” John 13:35 CJB.

That’s the way it’s supposed to be.

The search for God’s truth and the application of it to our daily lives is one that has great passion, excitement, frustration and so on. The spirit in which we do it is just as important as the desire and effort to do it. The entire effort is not to make us look good but to point to the goodness of Yahweh and Who He is, and to aid each other and those looking on in knowing and coming close to Him.

Last night on the news all I heard was one side berating the other. A valid issue gets lost in the arguing and unwillingness to apply the Ways of God and “reasoning together”, with conversation that is made up of fault finding, personal attacks and other agendas.

Go on line and see how “believers” write and respond to each other, the critical and fault finding spirit they exercise towards one another.

It is an insight Yahweh opens our eyes to, into our character and how we treat one another when we do not apply God’s spirit of goodness and kindness, peace and patience, self control and more.

We are ambassadors of the Most High. Even small things need to be held up to His standards because our brothers and sisters and those in the world are watching. Their attitude towards God, oddly enough, are influenced by how we act towards one another. What we say and do counts.

So I’m thankful for those sudden pauses in the walk, those chain of events, even when they are uncomfortable, and how He shows me He is working. One day a thought, another a comment, another examples, and He is showing us how He watches, what He wants, that He is guiding. Everything is important to Him. Even small thoughtless comments we make. Because He loves us and wants us near.

Praise Yahweh.

May God’s love be in us all.


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