There Is A Scripture 07-20-18

“Did you hear that sound?”

My wife looks at me and repeats the question, gets up and opens the front door and stands there. Then she shuts the door and walks into the kitchen and in a minute I hear, “It’s the dishwasher. I’ve never heard it make that noise before.”

I hadn’t heard it. She did.

We are lifelong friends with a couple and on a regular basis we spend Friday evenings together. In the course of a conversation we will try to remember a name or place or time. When one can’t get it, one of the rest of us can. We joke that we can still get the story straight. It’s just that now it takes four of us to do it.

My son-in-law and I are about a task and at some point I may be trying to do some aspect of it on my own and he will say “Hey Dad, want a hand?”, and then, without waiting, picks up the other end, so to speak.

I have had something I wanted to do on the computer but didn’t know how to do it. My grandson who is observing, volunteers his knowledge, and walks me through what to do. Unlike me, too, when I don’t quite get it and need some repeating, he will explain again, a little slower maybe or said differently and what I think is commendable, not with irritation or impatience.

When I start to get irritated because my wife hears something that I don’t, asks a question I suspect is leading to work, or get depressed because memory is not as sharp and it takes others to get recollections correct, or want to refuse a helping hand because I want to boast that I don’t need help, or arrogant about receiving instruction from someone younger than me, who I am supposed to know more than, who I should be the source of answers for, well… I find that our Father deals with things like that in me.

So, on my own, I don’t hear or remember, my body and energy are stressed, a task I wish to do differently or more efficiently I can’t. And my Father is not so sympathetic when I get frustrated or complain to Him about my poor, pitiful situation and ask Him to get me through it.

If I listen closely and am willing to accept what is being said I will, and have, heard Him say:

“It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him a help…” Genesis 2:18 AKJV.

“I did not give you a mate because your life would be easy. I did it because it is going to be hard. And you will need her…men.

Did I not say to you:

‘…Two are better than one.’? ‘… if one of them falls, the other will help his partner up. Again, if two people sleep together, they keep each other warm… an attacker may defeat someone who is alone, but two can resist him…’ Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 CJB.

Why do you say it, why do you think it:

‘…my own power and the strength of my own hand have gotten me this wealth.’ Deuteronomy 8:17 CJB.

In your false perception you think:

‘I sit a queen— I am not a widow, I will never see sorrow.’ Revelation 18:7 CJB

You suffer from the “curse”. There is no escaping it son. But I have provided you with a mate, worked through the bodies and minds and spirits of others to make you strong in spite of the weaknesses the curse causes, provided help by means of them to deal and endure in a way pleasing to me, in a way that you can glean peace and happiness from.

‘Are you so stupid? Having begun with the Spirit’s power, do you think you can reach the goal under your own power?’ Galatians 3:3 CJB.

My instructions have to do with your physical well being and your spiritual and eternal well being as well. Just remember you are man and I am God. I created you not the other way around. You need Me. I satisfy that need according to my own pleasure. And it pleases Me to care for you through dependence on others. It is a means of learning and living out the loving of one another. So don’t resist or refuse or try to help Me. Don’t get irritated or depressed or prideful. Everything I do is for your good. See the blessing. Be happy.”

I hear it and believe it but I still find myself falling short.

Father may we be convicted of the pridefulness in us, that separates us from the blessing of love our dependence on others could gain us, from the blessing of life that our dependence on You and Your wanting us would win us.

Father, may we accept the strength of others that helps us in our weakness and be quick to offer our strength to help others in their weakness, and be blessed by the goodness this is.

May we remember always we can do nothing good of our own but that we can do all things through Your Son who strengthens us. Bless us Father to be able to accept this and have joy.

In Yeshua’s name we pray,


May God’s love be in us all.


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