There Is A Scripture 07-17-20

I have the privilege and the enjoyment of being included in a weekly minister’s breakfast at a local restaurant.

Almost without fail, each week there is a lady, a grandmother who comes there as well with her grandchildren for their breakfast. They range in age from highchair to six or eight I guess. I’m poor at judging ages.

So there is always activity at their table, the usual stuff you would expect, indeed have experienced with our own kids. Lots of talk, dropping utensils, “Eat your food.” “Do this.” “Don’t be doing that.” You fill in the blanks.

If you stop by their table on the way out, and I have, the kids get kind of quiet and just look on as Grand Momma and this guy they don’t know, exchange hellos and a bit of small talk, sometimes reluctantly, shyly maybe, sometimes not so shyly, responding to attention directed at them.

I’m reminded of a scripture in which Yeshua laments over Jerusalem, “…Jerusalem! Jerusalem!…How often I wanted to gather your children, just as a hen gathers her chickens under her wings…” Luke 12:34 CJB.

I think how there are things in us that have their source in our Creator.

From the time the door opens Grand-Ma is hovering, keeping the group together  and directed towards a table as they tend to stop forward motion to ask a question or start to wander in a different direction. At the table it’s a bit of a fussing, getting them settled and finding out what they want, getting them to eat it all and supervising their manners. It’s a happy crowd, though I’m sure there are moments of correction or refusal that result in down turned lips, crossed arms and a pulling away. I’ve not witnessed that with this family but I’ve had little ones of my own and I know that that is something mother hens and grandmother hens deal with as well.

Under her wings she keeps them close and protected, headed in the right direction, keeps them in a place, whether they sense it or not, they are loved and safe and good things are in store.

They can peek out through the feathers of those covering wings and observe those who approach, note how Grand-Mother deals with them and learn.

This is the heart and the action of Yahweh, the heart of Jesus, and I believe, it is their heart given to mother hens, grand-mother hens, fathers and grand-fathers, for their little chicks,  and indeed any who have been put into their care. That’s good to know. May it swell our hearts and win our commitment.

And it is meant to be a happy thing a posturing for good… and is… but there are times… and laments… Let it be what it is, Father. We will trust in You.

Gather us Father…under Your wings… please we pray…

In Yeshua’s name,


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