There Is A Scripture 06-22-18

My wife and I bought an old “beater” car so my grandson could have something to work on.

He comes to me off and on talking about what he would like to do with it or get for it and says “when can we…?”, and I usually put him off because there is always something else that needs doing.

There was a side view mirror on the car that was cracked and wouldn’t stay in place. Adjust it once and within a mile or two you’d have to readjust.

He had been after me to go get the part and I thinking “ok but not right now”, put him off.

So, being the kind of kid he is, he talks around about what he wants to do and there are a couple men in our fellowship that are “frequenters” at the local salvage yards and they end up taking him to get the parts he wants, off wreaks there.

He comes home with a new/old side view mirror (electric no less) and shows me. “Oh, very good. You going to change it out?”


A little later he comes looking for the keys to the car. A little later he comes and: “It’s fixed.”

“Does it work”

“Oh yea! It works.

Well today I get into the car for the first time since his repair and it really stands out to me. No cracks to look through. Well what about the adjustment? I start pushing buttons and low and behold “It works!”

I go down the street and it’s a simple thing but what a pleasure it is having it, seeing clearly and not having to readjust.

Not only that he had rounded up a steering wheel wrap and put it on and that was a gratifying change as well.

“Well done son!”, I’m thinking.

There are a couple meaningful “take aways” here.

One of them is He sees things broken as things that can be fixed and working. He sees beyond what is in front of him to something it could be. And he may get put off but he doesn’t forget, even casts about to find another way, know what I mean? It can be an irritating attribute for the one being approached but it is one that gets thing accomplished. And the irritation, well maybe that’s justified and maybe it’s not.

Jehovah God looks at his children the same way my grandson looks at what I call junk. He sees where and how we are broken, but He also looks past that to see us as restored, healthy, functioning and whole. And when He works on us the result is not a fix with old parts but a complete restoration, everything new, sparkling and clean.

He is not restricted to depending on anyone else to do the work. He is free and ready and able to perform the work if the person of need is willing.

I see this pattern in my grandson’s nature.

There is another take away.

Seeing other guys coming to pick him up I experience a bit of relief and a bit of jealousy.

I could have been the one. I was the first he came to. But I was busy, and willing to minimize the importance of what he wanted to ease my conscience.

Time is precious and we need to be good stewards of it, but though there may be times to say no, it can… but shouldn’t… become the norm. I think that is where I’ve been. The focus should broaden beyond self and the immediate.

Meaningfulness and the love of others doesn’t come about by convenient and easy path ways.

I was reading a thought by one wiser than I, that in a nut shell, we fail in relationships and in prayer because there is too much introspection, too much self focus. The way to be productive and accomplished is to not be overly thoughtful about one’s self but to be willing to set that aside, and make space for the persons of others around us, and of seeking with a willing heart what God wants and then to become active.

Sometimes it seems as if we aren’t getting anywhere in our walk or in greater knowledge and closeness to Abba Father or things aren’t all they should be with people. Then He speaks.

Will we listen…and do?

Father, open our eyes to what is important to You.

Speak Father, reveal, and may our hearts be tendered, our consciences be pricked.

May we see with Your eyes and love with Your love.

May we not be influenced by appearances or circumstances but understand that these are things not to use for judgment only, but are things that give us an opportunity to look to You, rely on You and grow in knowledge and closeness to You.

Father, as only You can and as only by Your power can we, may we look for and see the good.

We love You Abba, Father.

In Yeshua’s name we pray,


May Yahweh’s love be in us all.


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