There Is A Scripture 06-15-18

There Is A Scripture

“The children born when one is young are like arrows in the hand of a warrior.

How blessed is the man who has filled his quiver with them.” Psalm 127:4-5 CJB.

“A righteous person’s father will be filled with joy; yes he whose son is wise will rejoice in him.

So let your father and mother be glad, let her who gave you birth rejoice.” Proverbs 23:24-25 CJB.

A son or a daughter can see things in these two scriptures that pertain to them. They can see they are not separate from their parents. They have a role and how they live it out has an effect. Maybe they can glean from them that their decision making and conduct can reflect on their parents, and for that matter, anyone they are close to.

These verses speak strongly to parents as well.

Do we as parents think of ourselves as warriors?

Who is the enemy?

What are we fighting for?

The enemy is the Adversary and we war against the scenarios of everyday life he creates to trip us up. We war against the dark, hard, heart and lawlessness he wants to establish in this world. We war to protect the One we love, Who loves us, His Ways and each other. We war out of a heart for our Father.

We are God’s arrows, our children are ours and their children will be theirs and on and on.

Yahweh makes us to be strong straight shafts, notched at one end to receive the power of the bow string, with feathers to stabilize flight and maintain accurate direction, with a sharp pointed head to not just hit the mark but to penetrate deeply, have an effect.

We have His instructions how to create arrows of our own, how to make them straight and strong, sharp and true.

And when the time comes, they are notched to the string, the bow drawn then released and they fly out towards the goal.

How much care did we take in crafting the arrow?

How dedicated to developing and practicing the skills of a master archer have we as parents been so that we can create an arrow capable of flying true and more importantly so that we can aim them rightly.

As we release them we hold our breath. Have we done all we could for our part to enable them to hit the mark?

We pray in the making, in the shooting, in the flying, because we are fallible. We pray for the Ruach, for the breeze that crosses and lifts and corrects wayward aim. We pray for the Hand of the ultimate Warrior to guide our own and bring success.

We pray Father, to You, in accord with You we have or will give our mothers and fathers cause to rejoice, that the children we release into this world will do likewise for us, that they will raise their own in like manner and that it will all bring honor and glory to You.

Protect us Father, as we fly.

In Yeshua’s name we pray,


May God’s love be in us all.


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