There Is A Scripture 05-11-2018

“Hurry Sundown”. That was the name of a movie my wife and I went to see years ago while we were still dating. As I recall, it wasn’t a movie that depicted the best in people. But from time to time I remember the title and it has taken on a different significance especially on the sixth day of the week.

Hurry sundown, I’m looking forward to the Shabbat.

Shabbat is a day of refuge from the week. The first day we start a new week and go for six days. Most weeks it’s a mixture of things going well, things going not as well as we would like and sometimes, not going well at all. Never mind, the end of the week approaches and most times I and I’m sure many, are ready for the seventh day. All the activity and requirements of everyday life are suspended for a day and we can rest our bodies and rest our minds. It can be a time of spiritual refreshing and greater sensitivity of His presence. It can be a time to catch our breath and get things back in perspective, reflect on our lives according to Father’s perspective. It’s a time when we can with genuine gratitude, be thankful and appreciate His love for us.

May your seventh day be restful and healing and strengthening and peace giving.

May we recline, all of us together, with Him who is able to hold us securely to Him.

May God’s love be in us all.

In Yeshua’s name we pray,



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