There Is A Scripture 04-20-2018

Had an interesting conversation in Men’s Group the other night.

Talked about the news, about the word “morality” not necessarily meaning what is right, though that’s how we use it and how God’s government is a theocracy, and how we as believers live a double life as citizens of world government and law and as citizens of God’s theocracy and His law.

Regarding the news, I’ve been kind of one sided, getting my news from one outlet which agrees with my outlook. The others, overall, I considered to be well off the mark and I viewed them as irritating and incredibly lacking in common sense.

The week before though, my wife and I were away with some friends and one evening the news was on and it was one of those outlets whose “interpretations” I get mad about. The coverage was of the U.S. missile attack on Syrian facilities that have something to do with chemical weapons. As I listened I realized that their coverage and analysis was pretty fair, I thought, and right on, not really what I had expected. Also there was the accompanying commentary by my friend whose view is a little more liberal than mine.

Between the TV and my friend, I was seeing another side of things that wasn’t all wrong, naive or misguided. A scripture came to mind that somewhat explains what was going on and a decision I came to.

“The first to state his case seems right,

till the other one comes and cross examines.” Proverbs 18:17 CJB

And another one came to mind.

“To answer someone before hearing him out, is both stupid and embarrassing.” Proverbs 18:13 CJB.

They both speak to the wisdom of listening to all that is being said and to getting as much information as possible, before responding.

Which brought to mind another scripture:

“Therefore, my dear brothers, let every person be quick to listen but slow to speak, slow to get angry; for a person’s anger does not accomplish God’s righteousness.” James 1:19-20 CJB.

These aren’t idle words. They can be applied successfully in our lives for seeing a truer picture and make better decisions. So I decided to start giving, some, attention to thoughts and views not like mine.

Wasn’t long before some alternative news came my way. And this stuff was…well, is, pretty different, some, pretty scary, even if only partly true.

But if the pattern holds true, and there is some truth in all the “spins” being served up then it is beneficial to be quick and careful in listening.

Put off a “too quick” response that could very well leave one in the embarrassing position of having “got it wrong”, doing a wrong or hurting someone or, frankly, becoming a nervous wreck.

These scriptures are instructions from the realm of God’s theocracy which is perfect and uncorrupted. They, with the “interpretive supervision” the Holy Spirit, provide, “good morality” and a means of making decisions and enacting them in a way and with the heart that pleases our Father.

No matter what the “spin” is from the world we have a constant, unchanging, reliable guidance and presence that can settle us and calm us, keep our hope and allow us joy in spite of the scary, questionable claims, real and phantom, that we live in and with.

The world is dark and conspiratorial, vague and deceiving and dangerous. But in it there is also Light and good and crystal clear truth and certainty. There is forgiveness and mercy and well being. There is justice and compassion and righteousness so long as we are faithful, trusting and obedient citizens of His government. We are the light He shines in this world. And the Light keeps at bay the darkness.

Father, You are true and constant.

You are perfect and good and Your mercy endures forever.

We can trust and rely on Your Word and in Your character without uncertainty or reserve.

Help us Abba, to discover and display that courage You put in us, to shine for You with our thoughts and words and actions.

Enable us to be strong, not tossed to and fro by every wind that blows.

Help us Abba, to become the children You want us to be.

We thank You for the peace and security that being in harmony with You brings us.

May we dwell with You, now… and forever.

In Yeshua’s name we pray,


May God’s love be in us all.


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