There Is A Scripture 04-17-20

”Oh Thou in whose presence my soul takes delight,

on Whom in affliction I call.

My comfort by day and

my song in the night.

My hope,

my salvation,

my all.”

That delight… Father… in the midst of affliction, is what we want. And we praise You and thank You that You do not withhold it from us.

It’s confusing Father. In troubled times we see bad things yes… but such good rises to the surface as well. People sharing common adversity, doing what they have to do, personally and as families, find time and ways to reach out and be a blessing to others. This has its root in You whether they, or we, realize it or not because You are Good and Good comes from You. It has no other source.

So we thank You, even pray to You, for those troubles if they will draw us to You and bring out that Good in us towards one another You wish to see. Yet then in the same prayer we pray for deliverance from the trouble, healing for those who are sick, comfort and security and peace. We pray, “Please take it away!”

But everything has its purpose Father and You will work Good out of every situation for those who trust.

So may we be like Your Son, Dear Father, who finishes such a request with “…still, let not My will but Yours be done.”

 And let us live each day with a spirit of peace and delight, trusting in You, confident that for us there will be…is…”The sound of rejoicing and victory…heard in the tents of the righteous…”

In these times of trouble and sacrifice Father, and in times of blessing and plenty equally… may we cling to You and trust in You. May our own joy and our actions to bless one another not hinge upon how we feel or what our circumstances are.

May You be pleased and glorified Abba Father.

May Your pleasure be our satisfaction.

“…Thou… art my all,

and in Thee I will ever rejoice.”

We pray Father… in Yeshua’s name,


May God’s love be in us all.


“Oh Thou in Whose Presence” Joseph Swain ( 1791)

As sung by Fernando Ortega.

Luke 22:42 CJB.

Psalm 118:15 CJB.

“Oh Thou in Whose Presence” Joseph Swain (1791)

As sung by Fernando Ortega

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