There Is A Scripture 03-30-2018

The morning light is still grey but so much happened last night.

Last night Yeshua shared a last meal with his closest ones. He talked to them about things to come, established a special way to remember. He wrapped a towel around His waist and in an act of serving love, washed and dried their feet.

Last night He bid His betrayer, leave, prophesied betrayal, abandonment and denial.

Last night He walked with His children to the garden and as they slept, He prayed in such agony and pain, His body bled.

Last night, in a final act of compassion and mercy, the Father sent angels to minister to His Son in His darkest hour.

Last night fellow countrymen and foreigners came in the dark with torches, weapons, bindings and malice to the quiet starlit grove, and took Him captive.

Last night one of His chosen betrayed Him and His children abandoned Him.

Late last night, bound, with no advocate, He was questioned and accused, held against His will hours in a very cold, dark place.

Last night His close one denied Him.

Just this morning… about this time of grey light and dawn, they met again against Him again and built a case of lies against Him, making pretense at just judgment to justify and give legitimacy to their evil motives.

Just a little while ago, they insulted Him and beat Him, mocked and humiliated Him. And then they lead Him to a foreigner to get him to do their bidding.

Right now, He is being questioned, given into the hands of brutal men that enjoy inflicting pain and suffering, to be crowned with thorns, whipped to near death and mocked.

Right now they are giving mercy to a criminal and passing judgment on an Innocent.

In just a few minutes He will be dragging His stake through the streets of Jerusalem as crowds gawk and stare, both drawn to and recoiling from, the sight of such “frenzied cruelty”. There will be shouting and silence, wailing, pushing and shoving, and there will be the quiet weeping of gentle women who know and love Him, able only to accompany and witness, helplessly to the finish.

In just an hour or two, He will be nailed to the tree, his clothing gambled for, punished though innocent in the company of those punished because they are guilty.

When He hangs there, looking down on the crowd, He will forgive one, and assign the caring for His mother into the hands of a trusted loved one. He will pray for forgiveness for those who are doing this.

He will do these things as those high ones and low ones as well, laugh at Him and taunt Him and walk away thinking they have succeeded in their twisted plans. They will be thinking to themselves, “It’s over.”

He will realize suddenly the reality of being alone, rejected even by His Father.

In the knowledge of such circumstances He will acknowledge that He has done everything that must be done, “It is finished”.

He Himself, will offer up His Spirit and breath of life.

By the end of today so much will have happened. How slowly and agonizing these minutes and hours must seem to Him who must endure it.

Tomorrow is Shabbat of Matzah so before the new day begins, He will be taken down and placed in a tomb, the stone rolled over the entrance. It will be sealed and guards will be placed, the first day of three, to prevent fulfillment of another prophecy, “Then after they have beaten Him, they will kill Him. But on the third day He will rise.”

Then the weekly Shabbat began and another day of waiting.

Finally, sometime after Shabbat early in the next day the seal will be broken, the stone rolled away and the tomb will be empty, just as foretold. The First Fruits of the dead will be alive and walking among us.

Much will happen. Many will see Him.

But I want to be there, on that morning down by the water, to see Him on the shore. The morning light will just be dawning. The air will be cool, maybe a slight chill. I will be tired. He will have a fire going and I will sit, with others, at rest, to eat what He has prepared.

Oh wonderful day!

Our hope in the morning,

Our assurance in the night.

Our Companion for ever.

We love You Lord.

May God’s love be in us all.


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