There Is A Scripture 03-16-2018

School had let out and I was walking home. Saw a handful of kids up ahead and in the middle of the little crowd there was a bigger boy pushing a “little’r” boy around and talking trash to him. The smaller one, getting pushed around, was just taking it and I could see he was afraid but wasn’t going to fight back. It was a sad sight.

Well, another boy got in between the two. “Hey man he’s smaller than you. Why don’t you leave him alone.” “What’s it to you?” And first thing you know these two are in a fight, well more like a push shove turned into a wrestling match.

By now more kids had gathered round and were watching. The interceder had the bully in a head lock and relatively under control, probably wondering what to do next. He saw the little kid who had been getting roughed up, standing, watching, and yelled to him to get out of there while he had a chance. Instead the little guy sat down crossed legged and watched.

You could see the look of frustration on his defender’s face and again he told him to get going while he still could. But he didn’t, just sat there with a face as if nothing was wrong.

Well now concern turned to anger and he told the boy he was going to let the bully go and when the kid didn’t respond, he threw the bully to the ground, made some kind of comment like “You had your chance”, and just walked off.

Don’t know what followed because I left as well.

But I’ve never forgotten that encounter and wondered from time to time why the little guy didn’t take the advantage given him and leave.

Didn’t have a clue then, just thought the kid was stupid. That’s what you would think as a kid. Now though I can think of reasons. Maybe the youngster was slow, mentally challenged in some way and totally at a loss of what to do in a situation like that. The tables had turned and there was no longer a reason to worry. Or maybe he was used to being beat up on, running wasn’t going to make any difference anyway, so watch. Who knows?

What we know as we grow older is that people have their issues and you just can’t tell by looking. So how does that change things?

The boy didn’t like the pushing on a little guy. He probably thought in terms of stopping it, the little guy would leave unharmed and he could go on home and ride his bike or climb a tree or something and that would be the end of his involvement.

He wouldn’t have thought, when things didn’t go that way, all was not as it seemed and a plan B was needed to successfully accomplish his original intent. Plan B would have meant seeing that for whatever reason, not important at the time, maybe what he needed to do was turn loose of the “tough guy” stand the little guy up and walk home with him to make sure he got there without further problem.

As a youngster maybe he was on his way to finding out that getting involved can get pretty involved. Sometimes doing the right thing, or what you think is the right thing will take more time, energy and resources than one wants to invest. Yet here we are, in the thick of it so what do we do? Do we work on a plan B or do we turn the bully loose and walk away?

There are times in life when we encounter people who need some help, not just the homeless guy on the street, but family members, co-workers, friends and acquaintances, and you can see it and even offer it knowing it would be in their best interest, but they don’t listen or consider it. They often times take an argumentative stance and you’re standing there between the bully and the victim and pretty soon it seems like you are taking more of a beating than they are.

Why bother? If that’s the way they want it, so be it.

I wonder what our fate would be if Yahweh had taken that stance, judged, condemned, walked away.

He didn’t though even when out of slowness or outright rebellion or both, it went badly for us. He had plan B. He stands between the bully and us, lifts us up and walks with us till we get home… safe… and sound.

And knowing my own walk and how I am, even with Him there, there are times when I stray. He lets me get my knocks. But He never forsakes me.

In our dealings with one another the first step is to help, offering it or when asked, giving it. It always requires an assessment of the issue and of the extent we are able to be involved but we are to start out with willingness to help. Somewhere along the way we may find out that we have to turn loose and let the bully go, sometimes we hang on and things go well.

And through it all we do so inquiring in prayer, applying the wisdom of the Word, and trying in our fallible human way to do so satisfied, because we are striving to please our Defender.

May we do so to satisfy and glorify Him.

May that “heart set” be in us and may it give us peace in the doing.

“…keep on loving each other. In the same way that I have loved you, you are also to keep on loving each other.” John 13:34 CJB.

“I am the Good Shepherd.” “…I lay down my life on behalf of the sheep.” John 10:11,15 CJB.

“For God did not send the Son into the world to judge the world, but rather, so that through Him, the world might be saved.” John 3:17 CJB.

Father, give us the hearts of helpers.

Give us wisdom and patience in the giving of help.

Council us on what, and how much and how long…

Strengthen us against judgment and condemnation.

Make us able to be glad in the doing of Your bidding.

May You be lifted high, honored and glorified.

In Yeshua’s name we pray,


May God’s love be in us all.


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