There Is A Scripture 02-09-2018

When my daughter and son-in-law and grand kids come over to sit around and visit they bring with them the grand-dog, a little white, tightly wound bundle of energy that classifies, in my mind, as an ankle biter though she is a little bigger than those tiny ones that practically fit in your hand.

She loves to play and out in the yard she will run all out zig-zagging back and forth with power slide turns at every change of direction, doesn’t seem to get tired of it either.

Inside she’ll jump from the floor into your lap, stand up, with her little front legs on your chest looking around and with that little tongue, lick all over your face even into the recessed of your nostrils. That’s usually my limit. Point is she is happy and secure.

The other day she is laying in my grand-daughter’s lap snoozing and the front door opens. Almost instantaneously she is standing there riveted on the person coming in and barking at him. The “him” was my son and he is kind of a big hulking type and as she barks she glances around to see if we are responding to her alert, maybe thinking in her way, “friend or foe, do you belong here?”

And I’m thinking what is this handful of fur and bark think she is going to do against this giant? I’m thinking she isn’t considering that at all but that she is already doing what she feels she needs to and is ready to do more. And our “shushing” hasn’t convinced her to stand down.

Where does the courage come from?

As she stands there in the company of those that love her and whom she loves she becomes protective, she isn’t afraid and there is no hesitation in confronting what she may perceive as a threat, no thoughts about the strength of the adversary. In that moment she has the heart of a lioness.

As human beings aren’t we a little like “ankle biters” in this world, individuals moving about in a world and events much larger and more powerful than we are?

In the spiritual realm we face authorities, powers and principalities, unseen enemies, causing events we cannot foresee, against whom worldly weapons are not effective.

We are little dogs surrounded by big dogs.

But we’re barking and snarling. Our teeth are bared as we stand to raise an alarm and protect the One we love.

He is mightier than we. He doesn’t need our protection.

But when we love someone and when we are intimate with someone, we can’t help but be, protective of them. Doesn’t matter our size or strength. We fight to protect name and honor and reputation. We fight against that which would shame or dishonor that One (ones) who cares for us. It doesn’t matter who or what it is we confront, we just aren’t going to have any of it. Right! Little ole me. You’re not going to get away with that one.


Or that’s the way it should be.


It’s the way it can be.


The key is in the willingness to, and act of, trusting. The trusting gives birth to a new person. That new person can love and live in a way not possible before. And that love takes away fear and gives peace. Without fear, with peace and the power of our Master the big dogs are not so big anymore.


Yeshua said to the disciples:

“Foolish people! So unwilling to put your trust in everything the prophets spoke!”*


He was talking to believers. The words are true for nonbelievers who see the evidence but do not accept.

The pattern is our unwillingness to trust. We are foolish when we do so.

May Your love be in us Father. The love that takes away fear, the love that makes strong, the love that gives peace.

In Yeshua’s name we pray.



*Luke 24:25 CJB.


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