There Is A Scripture 02-07-2020

It’s been a couple years now but my wife and I with a couple friends of ours were leaving a riverside restaurant in the small, kind of countrified community of Oak Hill. We were heading westward from the river along a narrow, tree lined, two lane, residential street back to the highway and came to a four way stop.

There at an angle to us were three boys, if I remember the number correctly, and there was a fight taking place. As we came to a stop, to the left of us was, a lady in a pickup who drove through the four way and stopped her vehicle in the middle of the road. She came out of  that truck all blown up, yelling at those boys and grabbed the two that were fighting, one in one hand, the other in the other and pulled them apart and was giving them what for all the way. She was no bruiser but she was big enough, dressed the way you would expect a local of a fishing village to be. She was absolutely no nonsense and those boys settled right down.

Who knows. It’s a small community and probably everyone knows most everyone else there. And these boys, around thirteen or fourteen years old, probably knew exactly who she was and either because they had had enough of a proper upbringing or maybe just downright fear of what would happen to them if she told their parents, they paid attention and grudgingly respected her authority.

I’m sure of one thing and that is she wasn’t candy coating her words and if they hadn’t settled down we might have been obligated, on their behalf, to intervene and pull her off them.

So this last week there has been kind of a completion, better said, a lull, to the fussing and fighting going on in Washington. One would hope this pause would help cool down the absolutely horrible way our leaders… you know, the ones who are supposed to exemplify all the right and good they profess our society represents… talk spewed out at each other. It doesn’t matter what political persuasion one has, there has been abundant, freely spoken attacks on character, overt display of hatred and a complete unwillingness to be objectively seeking the truth. It’s depressing…and …infuriating.

We are supposed to pray for our leaders and we are fools if we don’t. They need it…as do we all.

My prayer to our Father is that He remove His Abba hat and put on His Jehovah God hat, bring about the fear of Himself on those people, grab one by the collar in one hand and the collar of the other in His other hand and shake them till their teeth rattle as He tells them…”NOW YOU JUST STOP THAT!!!! You hear me? You better hear!!! I’m sick of all this and I’ve had enough!!  You’re going to stop this or I’ll make you sorry you were ever born!” (I believe and count on His willingness to quiet His anger and forgive us.)

Is that a prayer we should offer up to Yahweh? I don’t know about you but I think it might be because if it being answered would bring about harmony and goodwill among God’s created beings, disciplining would be a most desirable thing.

But then I think and you might give it some thought as well…are we not being disciplined already and just too blind, maybe stupid, to see it, too prideful and hard headed to learn…and change?

He has allowed us to reap what we have sown in this old world. We try to do things our own way deviating even abandoning the proposal and instructions He has provided in His person and His Word. So:

“Peoples will fight each other, nations will fight each other…” Luke 21:10 CJB.

These, Son of God spoken prophetic words speak accurately of man’s relationship with man from the days of Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, to you and me in these very days we live in. History and the evening news verifies it.

Wars between nations…political animosity and separatism…altering The Truth…crime…marriages coming apart…the importance of marriage at all…hard heartedness in regards to protecting innocent life…abandonment in raising our children using discipline, rewarding and punishing…confusion, twisted thinking in regards to fairness and justice…tragedy of not knowing who we are in the spirit or the flesh… a few of the areas we witness and suffer… again, by our own doing…not God’s, He allowing it… so that… in His grace and mercy… we be provided an opportunity to experience the error of our ways and maybe…just maybe… we would be wise enough to set our ways aside and follow strong and hard after His.

I pray for the discipline, Father, and the painfulness of it, if that be what it takes to bring us into union with You, and Father for faith and trust in our reliance on You to endure it and be victorious.

May it start in our individual lives, progress to our homes and families and onto our communities and nation and the world.

May we begin as simply as just trying to encourage and practice putting a muzzle on our mouths as we tread out the work and activities of our everyday lives with one another.

May we not speak at one another in a way that would bring shame and dishonor to You.

We pray it Father…in Yeshua’s name… and we love You,


May God’s love be in us all.


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