There Is A Scripture 01-12-2018

There are big things we do for one another and there are little things we do but it is the spirit of the doing for one another that is the foundation of whatever we do, or should be I guess.

This is a little thing.

My wife was telling me about how one of my daughters had been on the lookout for a particular kind of shoes for her son. She had found them and was going to order them off line.

A bit after that conversation my wife got or found she had a coupon worth 20% off for purchases from that store so she called our daughter to see if she had ordered the shoes yet. She hadn’t so they worked out the details of using the coupon.

Simple thing huh? Every day, common thing. Our lives are filled with the every day and common things.

Sometimes I think we feel that we have to do something big, requiring much effort and sacrifice for it to be an act of meaningfulness. But is there anything different in a small thing and a big thing if they both have their root in a desire to help, to bless? Which gets you more approval? Is it the big thing we do once in a while or in the small every day things we have opportunities to do all the time? It’s all about the heart as a friend of mine often says.

My grandson talks to me, and many times it’s at a time when I’m trying to do something else. At times like that I have a tendency to turn him off continuing with what I am doing and giving a token nod or single word response. Then he is off and I could not have told you the details of what he said.

Later I hear the sound of his voice as he is talking to his grandmother and she to him.

I find out about everything from her. She knows his friends names, the latest thing that is going on between him and them, their interests as well as his. She knows every activity planned for him for the rest of the week. She knows what his latest irritation is or some new thing he is excited about. He can actually wear her out with all his talk, but she listens and remembers and there are times when she can and does do something in response.

And I’m sitting there thinking, “I didn’t know that. Do I know anything that is happening around me?”

Then it comes to me I haven’t been listening. It hasn’t been “important” enough. My stuff is more important than his stuff.

So there is such a thing as priority and doing things in order of importance. There is a preferred way to proceed but there needs to be a balance between rigidity and flexibility and a willingness to shift from one to the other when needed, convenient or not.

So what am I seeing in these two happenings, that, thankfully are being brought to my attention?

There is communication between two that involves giving of self. My daughter knows she has worth in the eyes of my wife, my grandson as well and she in theirs. This is their heart and this is the heart our Father wants us to have towards and for each other. The scenarios are not important. They are just opportunities to demonstrate that heart. Our lives are full of them and how we respond to them determines how much more like our Creator we will or will not become. And it will determine how meaningful and important our relationships can become one with another.

In a sense, time and instance are not important. We are eternal beings. We won’t finish every task, won’t be successful in every effort from a worldly, temporal perspective but what is important and what will determine success in our Father’s eyes is the heart we had in the doing of those tasks. Was it His heart?

Father, make us flexible enough, patient enough, caring enough to listen to those around us, pay attention to what is being said between the lines as well as outright, remembering  and doing.

May others have the same worth to us as they do to you.

Create in us a heart like Yours that seeks to and is ready to, bless.

May this be joy for us, bring honor to You, give us favor in Your eyes.

In Yeshua’s name we pray,


May God’s love be in us all.


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