What Others Are Saying

Melinda M
My husband and I have changed so much going through your teachings. We are so honored to be able to give to this ministry. 
Wayne T
Thank you for your excellent and challenging teachings. They have opened my eyes to so many things and even more than I received in seminary training.
Matt E
Your depth of study is really impressive, and it's created in me a desire to learn more. Keep it coming.
Travis C
Thank you for your putting together this awesome tool and wealth of knowledge! 
Louise H
Torah Class is transforming my life and in so doing...affecting my husband and others close to me.
Mark N
Words alone cannot express my gratefulness to Yahweh for leading me to your web site.
Teresa P
Loving the classes!
Dan C
I am telling everyone who will listen to me about Torah Class.
Jacque M
The truth from God's Word that has been revealed through this class has transformed our lives.
Martin L
Thank you for your life changing Torah Class podcast.   
Kristine S
I thoroughly enjoy and appreciate your teachings.

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Tom returns with the book of Hosea. He will begin teaching on March 26 at 4:30pm at Seed of Abraham Fellowship. Come join us!

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