Minchah Prayer 12-27-2017

Father, the world emerges from a set apart time of its own making in which You are to be honored.

Songs were sung. Gifts were exchanged. Words of scripture were spoken. Fantasies were engaged in.

And then it was over and now the world has gone back to work. All the noise and activity all the focus of minds have resumed everyday life.

Father, I pray that for those in that time, that they were in the Spirit, in communion with You and that when the day had passed the Spirit did not leave, but is even now lingering with them.

It is so easy, Abba, to lose that sense of Your presence with us, that sense of communion with You the instant our thoughts turn to our physical existence.

Our challenge is to not be separate from You when we are engaged with the world. Our challenge is to be still listening to and hearing Your voice even when the noise of this physical world fills our ears.

I have no trust in my ability to succeed on my own and so may not others.

I know that without You I cannot be pleasing to You and so do others.

So Father, thank You for loving us even as You see us drift and thank You for providing times, strategically positioned throughout the year, to capture our attention and bring us back into closeness again with You, to keep us from getting out of ear shod of You.

As we scan the horizon of time Father we see them, the set apart times for the year, which are of Your making, that You want us to engage in with You.

It is not too soon to anticipate, to look forward to, with that sense of “We can hardly wait” and then to observe those weekly meetings, those seasonal memorials and feasts, those times You have engraved in our calendar when we can rest and rejoice and worship, be glad and thankful, and, and, so, our sense of Your Presence can be maintained throughout the living of every day.

Life has little peace or satisfaction, little meaning if we don’t have You with us, if we don’t live in a way pleasing to You.

May the Spirit of those special days, may Your Spirit, be with us and in us, continually, everywhere and always we pray.

In Yeshua’s name we pray, most loved Father,


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