Minchah Prayer 12-23-20

Thank You Father for the mornings when waking comes slowly and gently and before our relaxed minds begin gearing themselves up and our hearts are still naked, warm and flesh… thoughts coming… from a Source other than ourselves… and we are like David at the stream on the valley floor, running freely, unencumbered by the weight of armor… swiftly… across the open space, drawn and guided by Your Spirit… You taking him to a place and purpose You have for him… stones in one hand and sling swinging in the other… free… unrestrained… and at the quiet waters and grassy meadows of Your provision, restored, protected and safe… we sense Your affection for us and affection for You… words of affection to You.. take form in our minds and swell in our hearts.

We love You…Abba… Dear Father.

Praise… to You…our One and Only.

In Yeshua’s name,


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