Minchah Prayer 12-20-2017

Father, thank You for this bright and beautiful new day.

May the desire and purpose of our thoughts and words and actions be for good .

May they be sincere and honest.

May this come from hearts that are striving to be like your’s.

May we have in us always a forgiving spirit, a merciful and gracious spirit, like You, no matter how significant or insignificant the offense.

Lead us that we do not commit offense that requires forgiveness.

When we do, may it be our character that we would be remorseful, be humble and seek forgiveness… and strive to give offense no more.

May our prayers to You, Father, not be an end in themselves but that the comfort and blessing we seek for ourselves and others, comes, as well, by walking out our faith and trust in You, daily, in the certain confidence that You hear and You answer.

Enable us to love one another, Father, in heart and in reality.

We love You, Abba.

Blessed are we and Blessed are You.

In Yeshua’s name we pray,


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