Minchah Prayer 12-09-20

I woke up this morning with a thought You had given.

You are.

You are…You have always been…and You always will be…

Nothing has changed from Your perspective.

Everything continues to play out according to Your plans, everything will come to pass according to Your purposes… and then there will be… forever.

You… created……… us.

You created us for Yourself.

And at the cost of life or death, You created us… able to choose…. The ball is in our court. Our handicap is the grace and forgiveness You will willingly extend if we will willingly trust and surrender to Your guidance.

We were there… with You… in the beginning. But we chose our own ways and created a gap. Our ways have failed Father… if we are honest… This is no Eden we live in… By our own ways it never will be…if we are honest.

But You never abandoned us. You’ve remained within calling distance and the gap gets narrower and narrower for those who throw in with You, who begin and continue to the end in the exercise of doing Your Ways…Your way.

Help us to understand that there is no thought or action, no motive or spirit in us that doesn’t have the consequence of life or death in it. This time of life is to be taken seriously. Everything matters.

Give light to our thinking Father. May we realize Who it is You are…Who it is we are dealing with. In that knowledge Father may we come to a true understanding of who we are and be humble…very humble before You, thankful that You desire us, fearful for ourselves, fearful for others that pridefulness on our part could deny us life with You.

Help us to understand that there is power and freedom and reward in submissiveness and surrender to You.

May we, in great common sense and wisdom, fear Your disapproval more than the denial of approval of those who the Enemy works through.

May standing up to the Enemy separate those he works through, from him, and draw them to You Father… we pray.

Thank You Father for this new day. It is bright and beautiful. Your creation is marvelous in its many and varied manifestations. Your good can be experienced through Your created beings.

And You are perfect and wonderful… worthy Father…worthy of our servitude and our praise.

Thank You for purpose, for enabling power, for Your love for us.

Thank You for enabling us to love You in return, giving that love worth to You because we recognize You gave us choice… and in choosing You… we deny all other options available. We recognize and declare… there is none better.. You are the One we desire.

We thank You that this means something to You and so we have something we can give You You desire.

The whole earth is filled with Your glory Father. May Your created beings be so as well.

Glory to You…we pray…in Yeshua’s name,


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