Minchah Prayer 12-04-19

“Lot looked up and saw the whole plain of the Yarden was well watered everywhere…So Lot chose all the plain of the Yarden for himself and Lot traveled eastward…” Genesis 13:10-11 CJB.

Father, maybe Lot should have separated himself from Avraham to a quiet spot and asked You… what he should do. He looked with his own eyes and decided according to his own mind and leaving his uncle Avraham behind he went down into that lush, watered, green plain and it was from the high ground to the west that Avraham, one morning, looked out upon that plain to see smoke rising from it, “like the smoke from a furnace.”

Father, You are everywhere so nothing escapes You seeing and You know all things, so the motives and intentions of our hearts and the hearts of others, are absolutely known to You and You are all powerful. You can and will respond to what You see and know, and who can stand against You.

We say that we know these things but it seems that we don’t have the trust in them to apply them. Instead we look and we decide out of our own selves. Maybe we think we don’t need to inquire of You in the midst of circumstances. Maybe we haven’t paid attention, learned, that we can do nothing good, nothing is good, without You in it.

I wonder Father, how different the outcome of things in circumstances I have encountered, in choices I have made, would have been, if from the very start I had talked to You about what I was seeing and my motives and included You, been lead by what You had already taught me. And in the midst of circumstances Father, how different would my spirit have been? Would it have been inclined towards confidence and clear conscience or towards uncertainty and tainted conscience, a conviction/ regretfulness, that things could have, should have, been better done?

Father, may it be daily that we talk with You, that we listen to You as we read Your Word.

May we be encouraged in the knowledge of Your presence and all knowing and all powerfulness, see that these are beautiful attributes that You bring to bear on our behalf, for our good and not something to be feared or worse, disregarded.

May we truly believe this knowledge You have revealed about Yourself and with trust… accepting, childlike, complete… trust, rely on and make use of, what we have come to know and say we believe.

We understand our imperfection and weakness and so we pray to You and trust in You because You are everywhere. You know all things. You are all powerful.

Your mercies are new every morning.

Morning, noon and night we hunger to know You more, grow in our love for You, grow in our trust, be more like You, live lives of freedom in You that that knowledge and trust gives birth to and sustains in us.

Guide us to search out and reward us Father, concerning who You are.

May that result in greater trust and intimacy and fruitfulness that glorifies You.

In Yeshua’s name we pray…Dear Father,


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