Minchah Prayer 12-02-20

Father we thank You for this new day.

The issues of the day and days before… many remain but we have rested through the night and day light is upon us and we rise to continue on.

We pray once again for Your closeness and peace and Your guidance, those same things we prayed for at the beginning of our week, the beginning of our plans… that they would remain and we labor… for those things…and in a way…that are in Your will, that please and glorify You.

For the thanks giving we expressed past to You Father…may we continue with that same heart of thanks giving today and tomorrow and every day. May it not fade or lessen in intensity amidst the physical and emotional  activity of our daily life.

As we earnestly and diligently seek You Father, be true to Your promise that You will reveal Yourself… we will find You… near… the One we can call on and be strengthened by… lean on and be secure in… be One for us encouraging and comforting.

Thank You Father, that You never abandon or forsake and that as we return love for love, You work everything for good. You are able and You are faithful.

We praise You Father!

We honor You!

We love You!

To You be glory we pray…

in Yeshua’s name…


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