Minchah Prayer 11-29-2017

“They had almost consumed me upon earth, but I forsook not Thy precepts.”*

That nonproductive or hurtful word that almost passed our lips,

That act of helpfulness or honesty that almost didn’t happen,

That kindness that was in our power to say or do that almost wasn’t done;

We were so close to falling short, Father.

The battle is a close one and a never ending one.

The house has been swept clean and put in order but,

sin is just outside, crouching at the door, desiring to come in and rule… so close.

Inside though we sit to the table with You, inquiring of  You.

You teach. We learn. And we strive to make Your Ways so much who we are that even in a split second of unguarded thought, we say or do what is pleasing and right in Your eyes.

Thank You Father.

Please Abba, continue to abide with us, teaching us, revealing to us Your goodness.

May we continually seek, trust in and never forsake Your Ways.

In Yeshua’s name we pray,


Psalm 119:87 AKJV

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