Minchah Prayer 11-27-19

It may seem like one day is just like another but they aren’t.

Today is more precious than yesterday because each day remaining comes from a storehouse of days that is shrinking.

We can’t replace what we have spent. When we get to the last one…that’s it.

How important it is to recognize the great good fortune of waking to a new day, of opening our eyes in the morning and realizing, “Yes Father I’ve got another run at it.”

If yesterday was well spent, today may be more productive or easier.

If yesterday had its troubles, today may be a time of rethink, maybe another attempt at the same thing, maybe scuttling the original plan and starting new.

It’s like You are saying, “That’s it. Keep on going the way you’re going.” or, “Come on. Get back up and try again.” And we can always depend on the “Here, let me help you.”

Father thank You that You never abandon or forsake us.

Thank You that we can look to You whether in difficult times or in blessed times and know that we do not face…need not face…anything alone.

If we will just watch, we will see You everywhere. The natural world continues, each breath is a miracle, Your love exists where You have brought it to life in the lives of Your children and we have it to give to one another who know You and to those who don’t.

Thank You Father for each and every new day, for those You have given us in our lives that care for us and for whom we care, for the exercises of troubles and ease, joys and sorrows Lord, times of little and times of abundance.

Bless us Father with a continual spirit of gratitude for each new day gifted us.

We need You and call on You to guide us that we would make the most of them, make the most of them for good.

In Yeshua’s name we pray,


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