Minchah Prayer 11-25-20

Father may we be a “now is the time” people and not an “if only I had, if I could go back” people.

There is no comfort, when looking back, in being sorry for not having done something we should or could have and let the moment pass.

It could become a habit Father to avoid listening to the prompting of Your Spirit, thinking that later heartfelt regret will make up for the loss, ease our conscience,  and use that… combined with a promise to do better the next time…and use that… as a means to avoid the “now is the time” moment.

Where is our trust in You, that something good is meant for those moments and You are giving us an opportunity to be a part of it?

Father we have a Thanksgiving Day, a day to reflect on the good that blesses our lives and to express our gratitude to You for it. And it is our heart’s desire to make this an observance because every good thing is from You and You are worthy.

But remind us and may we be daily aware that our gratitude and thanks to You is not bound to a single day. May that day be merely a double portion to You, but may we be daily moved with a sense of gratitude and thanksgiving  and daily offer these up to You.

May we wake and live out each day, not waiting for another time but with the mind that now is the time, to thank You, to honor You, to be obedient to You.

When we bow our heads and offer up our prayers of thanksgiving to You may it be so with sincere hearts, and may the day, the moment be a celebration of You and the good You have blessed us with… and the more good You have in store.

May our focus be on You, our trust be in You, our celebration be of You for in doing that there is no error, no misplaced honor and we do not glorify the flawed history and the present day conduct of Your created beings regardless of their/our good or not so good intentions.

We cannot help what is past and that we know imperfectly.

Now is our time. Now is the time.

Thanksgiving Day is and always has been, a celebration of Thanksgiving to You…Father.

May that be our focus, we pray…

In Yeshua’s name…


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