Minchah Prayer 11-22-2017

Thank You Father.

Thank You for the ears we have to hear the sounds of creation You conceived and brought into being, Father, the sounds of bird’s songs, wind in the trees, the voices of children, wives and husbands, friends and loved ones. Thank You for the ears… and the sounds we hear through them.

Thank You for the gift of touch Father. Thank You that we can feel textures, hot and cold, pain and pleasure, intimacy in the touching of wife and husband, protectiveness and safety in the embrace of child and parent, in the hug of friends fellowship, reliability and loyalty. Thank You for the ability to give that touch as well as feel it. Thank You for the gift of touch and for the love it can be and is meant to be an expression of.

Thank You Father, for the gift of smell, to be able to inhale and taste in the air, the moisture it holds, the smell of freshly mown grass, meals being prepared, the fragrance of flowers and fruit, aromas that takes us back, reminds us of a time and place we hadn’t thought about in ages. Thank You for the gift of smell and the world of things, You gave scent to for the purpose of knowing and remembering.  

Thank You, Father, for the gift of our eyes, vision to see light in all its many brightnesses, of colors in all their many hues, motions of cloud and wave and moving forms. Thank You for sight and all of creation around us You set in place and motion to be seen.

Thank You Father, for the gift of taste, to taste the varied and unique flavors of bitter, what lies between, and sweet, You created, to be experienced all the days of our lives. Thank You for the ability to taste and for the abundance, in numbers, of Your creation that can be known through their smells and the gift of that taste.

Thank You for the Knowing of You in spirit that the physical serves as a pathway to.

There are limits to those things which we know to give thanks for, because we are human, finite here and now, limited to what You, in Your wisdom, portion out to us.

But we know and anticipate You have planned, and will reveal and provide for us to experience, an infinity of Your creating and Presence, yet to know, bringing from our lips thanks, it will take eternity to give.

Father, thank You for the gift of life and Your creation that we live in and for the gift of Your very Self.

Thank You that You are Father, who knows and loves and desires to be known and loved.

Thank You that You see our weakness and need and provide instruction for knowing and loving You.

And thank You that not only have You provided instruction but that You are willing to accompany us, stand alongside us to guide and protect us, indwell in us to reveal and illuminate, comfort and encourage, make known correctness and strengthen.

Thank You for Yeshua, Your perfect and faithful Son, our Savior and perfect loved One.

Thank You, in Yeshua’s name we pray,




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