Minchah Prayer 11-18-20

Father, guide us to that part of Your Word that counsels and instructs in order and peacemaking.

In our personal lives and as a nation we experience discord. We are not perfect. We do not always do what is right when our intentions are for good. And we do not do what is right when our intentions are not for good. Only You know our hearts.

So when there is contention over an issue, grant us discernment to be able to know… and understanding of… what is at the root, and the wisdom to exercise those abilities to solve our problems and make things right.

If there is a question of wrong may we be willing to acknowledge it and follow Your instruction to investigate diligently.

But may we not in the face of what we are at odds with… may we not be more desirous to be angry or accusatory, to be blame seekers or inflict punishment…than we are to identify our problems and make correction for the well being of all involved.

May we do so in a unity of mind that is characterized by love and respect that You command we have for one another… and allows us to live and function together in peace and harmony.

May we humbly accept the truth of a matter and in the consequences of our findings may we be just but not at the cost of mercy and merciful but not at the cost of justice.

We seek and rely on Your great wisdom and rightness in all things Father and pray in Yeshua’s name…


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