Minchah Prayer 11-01-17

Father… how did You do that?

You have created a living world, in it and on it living creatures, and made them to be able to produce of themselves.

You kindled a fire in the camp of Your universe to provide warmth and energy and You set Your living world in just the right place and keep it there so that within just a few degrees it is neither too hot nor too cold.

You enveloped Your created world, Your created beings with the very air needed for breath and contained that air…how…? We do not reside in a container with barriers to prevent its escape. Your air simply stays with us. Your rains simply fall to the earth. We simply walk on Your earth. There is nothing else between what You have created here and the enormous extremes of heat and cold, and the vast emptiness of space in which no life can survive. We are immersed, engulfed, in intimate closeness to it yet we are separate and insulated… and sustained within the work of Your Hand. We live.

How, Father… do You do that?

Father, forgive our dullness of sensitivity towards You. We should be in continuous wonder, and fear of You, who can do such things.

Tender us Abba. Enable us to know You and walk immersed and engulfed in You, sustained by You, that though surrounded  we would be insulated from, the cold and emptiness and lifelessness that is without, outside You.

Thank You Father for the security and warmth we have in You.

In Yeshua’s name we pray.


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