Minchah Prayer 10-29-20

There are times Father when the day doesn’t go our way. Our plans get changed, our time rearranged in a way that we just have to accept.

And it’s not that we wouldn’t be willing but because it caught us unaware or maybe assumptions were made without our input, we get irritated or feel put upon.

It’s not really a problem Father. We go ahead and shift gears, join in and get the task done. But in the end looking back on the day what we see is that we may have been a little less patient, spoken at times with kind of an edge in our voice, been a little dismissive, a little less willing to partner. We look back and realize that at the time… it seemed ok to us to act that way. And we are embarrassed and ashamed of ourselves for it. We did right but not with the right heart. In doing so we denied ourselves a blessing and quite possibly, our thinly disguised good deeds may have denied someone else a blessing as well.

Things happen, don’t they Father. They can’t always be helped. We aren’t being taken advantage of or whatever it may feel like at the time. We have the choice to be blessed or be burdened by what spirit we choose to respond to; the stingy one or the generous one; the one that leads to disgruntlement or the one that leads to satisfaction. You have given us those realities and those choices Father.

The good in this though, and thank You Father, is the conviction that comes from  such behavior, that it really is after all, our heart to reflect Your goodness and that Your Spirit with us brings these things to our attention. It’s a sign and a kind of reassurance that we are on the right path… after all. There is hope. We can be… encouraged.

Thank You Father, for the chastisement of embarrassment and shame, tools for molding us into Your image.

Thank You Father for Your patience, for conviction, for the acceptability of heartfelt repentance, for Your forgiveness, and Your willingness to continue on with us, teaching us how to be a blessing and be blessed…whether… or not… the circumstances are convenient.

And May it all be glory to You Father…we pray,

In Yeshua’s name,


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