Minchah Prayer 10-25-17

Father, who is like You?

You know everything, You can do anything.

You exercise Your absolute and total power to create and do good and beautiful things. You give life to good and beauty. And You offer it to us and provide a way for us to draw near.

As You see us moving to draw near to You, You Yourself move to draw near to us.

You deny no one opportunity.

It’s true. You do want us.

Father, each day, be with us as we walk the boundaries of what You have given us to possess, our lives, our homes, our family and friends, our community and nation, our world.

 We pray Your hedge of protection over, under and around us, against thievery, killing and destruction.

We pray for and thank You… for walking with us as we walk the hedge, search for and repair breaches, be continually on guard.

May the space within Your walls, be filled with the good and beauty that only You can provide, Your presence, peace and well being, love for and unity with, one another, protectiveness of, loyalty and faithfulness to, You and each other.

With each patrolling step along the border line give us Your words of power that will rebuke the enemy, inform him that he has no place within these walls, that he will  be stood against and not allowed to enter, to forget this place even exists, to go away… no flee… and never come back.

Father, Abba, we walk with You in the cool air, on watered ground rich with greenery, listening as the trees and leafs clap their hands, rocks sing praises, the birds soar on pillars of air,  and whispering words of love to each other.

Who is like You?

There is none.

In Yeshua’s name we pray,


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