Minchah Prayer 10-18-17

Father… “Where can I go to escape Your Spirit?

             Where can I flee from Your Presence?”

Why would we want to flee or escape?

Maybe we want to pursue our own ways, gratify our own desires.

Even though You don’t ask we add.

Even though You say no, we justify yes, through our own sense of right and fair.

Our wants we add to Yours, spinning our motives to make it seem ok, just knowing You will understand and not be displeased.

“…You have probed me, and You know me.”

You see through us though, and we know You know.

Father, bring us to our senses about what is really acceptable and pleasing to You and strengthen us to refuse those deceptive delicacies the evil one offers.

May the voice of Your Word be audible in our minds in all we face and must deal with.

We flee the world. We escape to You.

Thank You Abba, that You have prepared us a Way.

In Yeshua’s name we pray,


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